Adopt the triangle

This Friday’s photo link brings us back to our Photography basics.  It is short and easy reading so, go for it.

I am sharing a concept that is helping me make the gradual shift into manual mode. This concept is called the “exposure triangle“. To easily understand to three main aspects that make up every photograph: exposure, aperture and ISO.

If you shoot  everything in automatic mode, that is OK. But, you may want to read this easy intro to these photography basics. Because it can be exciting to challenge yourself to go a little further.

Two examples using manual mode and how I corrected myself . Bear with me, automatic photo shooters…

Photo 1-

>1/800th of a second, aperture, f 11, ISO 200.

A high-speed ( I thought “movement”), plus a medium lens opening did nada for the bee’s image.

Photo 2-

1/250th of a second, aperture f 10, ISO 200.

Right on… A moderate speed and a wee bit smaller lens opening (that let in a bit more light). The bees and I were happy campers!! (Note: sorry if you caught my mistake yesterday; it is not a ” wee bit bigger opening” but a smaller one).

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the only way to learn and advance.

Happy weekend to all.


12 thoughts on “Adopt the triangle

  1. Barb, thanks a bunch for sharing that how-to link because eventually I want to get a more manual-working camera, so that I can fiddle around with the exposure and other stuff. Right now, I shoot in auto-mode, but I just reread my camera manual and discovered some really cool features I didn’t realize it had.

    GREAT before and after photo examples! I can definitely see the difference.

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      You are very welcome, hon! I am learning also in every sense of the word. I wish for you to purchase in the future a camera that has the capacity to create more. It is a very good point that you mentioned the manual because a huge number of people don’t read it. I went back to mine this year!
      I figured that before and after shots would be interesting. In the first one, I used a rather fast shutter speed and closed the lens a little too much. And then, after adjustment., what a difference…
      Learning and re-doing again and again…
      Happy weekend, buddy! xox

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Thank you for your comment. I think that auto function is the starting point of photography and that is fine. The good thing is it is anyone can read and practice learning shutter speeds, aperture openings and ISO. I am in my apprenticeship and will admit this freely. But like everything it takes time.

      Hav a beautiful weekend and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Uh oh……. See, I have no clue how to even FIND where the setting let alone how to mess with ’em…..or how to get it back once I DO mess with ’em.

    Oh geeze……I’m sweating just THINKING about it. LOL But I love that you’re that courageous!
    I might investigate IF I can stop sweating…… :-/

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Me thinks that a good look at your owner’s manual is indicated before anything. I say that from experience because I did that this year( OK;not the whole thing).
      No obligations just the desire to create more!
      A tip for you that I still use at times; try photo modes. Those pictograms on most dials. Though, you might already be doing that! LOL!! Check out your manual about this.
      Have a great weekend! x

    1. Hello Anne,
      Thank you, my dear. I have been going back to my basics. Thank you for your support. Hoping that summer has been grand in Oxford for you. xox

    1. Hi Zhu,
      I didn’t know this either but, it has helped me understand how these concepts work together. That is a small reason why some of my photos could sometimes come out funny at times.
      It makes sense!
      Enjoy London!!

  3. Bonjour Barbara .. just read my comment … oh what I meant was “you are an accomplished photographer, but you just keep getting better and better … YOu rock girl 🙂 oxo

  4. Anne,
    No problem, honey. I bow my head down to your compliment. My heart’s desire is to be become better at taking pictures. I am happy if I am traveling on that road.
    Hugs and hear from you soon 🙂

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