Watch the birdy

Hello friends,

“Watch the birdy” used to be one of my favorite expressions as a child. It is sort of funny now that I think of that I  grew up to watch birdies,doggies,people and whatever and whoever I like but behind a viewfinder!

Today I present the Friday photo link. I chose a gallery with some fabulous shots of birds. I am very much envious of the end results but, I know that it must have taken hours,weeks or even months of tries and re-tries just to capture a perfect photo.

Check this link out:

Our preparations are ongoing for our Canada trip and I have been busy with several projects at home. Pre-trip preps for me always involve a lot of cleaning and organizing, then I do have the actual packing part to do. All of this said, photography is never far. I went out very recently to do some photography. I will be happy to share very soon.

Until then, happy weekend and enjoy the photo gallery.


6 thoughts on “Watch the birdy

  1. Good morning Barb!

    WOW! What AMAZING photos!!! And you’re absolutely right….it must take hours, weeks or months of tries to get those photos!

    The thing that impressed me the most was the clarity and color.

    Loved the one of the mama bird feeding here little babies. How CUTE! Also, the shot of the flamingos was stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear friend. I can’t believe how fast the time is approaching for your trip. I bet you and D are so excited!

    Have a super weekend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Aren’t these marvelous?! What a labor of love day after day looking and photographing. Not to mention staying in cramped quarters( I imagine it like birdwatcher who put up tents or shelters to shield them from the birds).
      Yes! Razor sharp accuracy and gorgeous color.
      I love all of these photos but yes, the hungry baby birds were so endearing with their open mouths!!
      We are getting to trip time. And, I am still busy! But, I have faith. Everything always comes together. What is incomplete waits until later.

      Happy weekend, my buddy and see you on Monday. xox

  2. *laughing* That poor mama robin!! Holy moly……it takes all that stuff to keep four of ’em quiet for 10 seconds. LOL I know, we had a few nests around the patio–cuter than cute……and noisy!

    The photos are just gorgeous!
    I’ve tried for hummingbird photos and sat for HOURS in wait. No, no tent…..just me in a chair sitting very, very quiet.
    And lemme assure you–not EVEN close to the photos shared here. Gorgeous works of art. The details are amazing!

    You organize to your heart’s content. I’m a toss and go gal. LOL It gives me an excuse to go light and just DEAL! (used to be a heavy packer……LOL…trying to reform!!)

  3. I’m heavily into birds & those were just stunning to look at – the colours and detail were superb and put anything I’ve ever tried to capture to shame! The thing is, I’d rather have binoculars in my hands in preference to a camera when birds are around!

    Happy packing ( my one dreaded task when going away as I have to be decisive & disciplined!)

    Joyce 🙂

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