See you soon!

Here we are, the day before our departure to YUL( Montreal,Canada). D & I are looking forward to this two-week break.
It will be a time to kick back and enjoy so, I will not be blogging on the road. But, this time we will have the ipad in tow. So I will be reading your blogs and maybe even popping in and saying Hi.

I am looking forward to creatively exploring our destinations, sharing experiences and yes, trying a few ideas. I have a couple of new ideas in the blender(shhhhh), but also will be bringing back by popular demand “D’s picks”. Like I did for some of our Hawaii photos.

Yay for photographer couples!!

I’ll be seeing you on or around  23 September for a new post.

Best wishes to all .


11 thoughts on “See you soon!

  1. Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip, Barb!

    You’ll be missed, my friend 😦

    Can’t wait to see all your amazing photos!

    Safe journey to you and D!

    (((( YOU ))))


    1. Hey there Ron,
      Thank you! We had a “settle in” day yesterday. Not only were Our bodies tired, we had to get the B&B wi-fi and phone running. All is fine today.
      Happy week-end and don’t worry- i’ll catch up to your blog.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Hello neighbor!
      Thank you, it will be fine. We did have a huge down pour coming home yesterday afternoon from having a snack. The inaguration to Canada!
      Take care.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Many Thanks!
      So far, we have only been during the Fall. We should expérience another season in the future!
      Yesterday, photo day “Zéro”… Settiling in, setting wi-fi, fatigue… Today is a New day and yes, a photo day!!!
      X to ya.

  2. Hello to Ron and to all friends!
    Thank you Ronnie for your comment and your welcome! Mwah!! We got back around noon today.
    I shall be writing a short post tomorrow so, hang on guys and gals.

    I am off to to bed earlier tonight… I puttered about and cleared out my suitcase to help me get back adjust to +5 hours in CET zone.
    See you tomorrow and hugs to ya, Ronnie! XOX


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