Back from Canada

Hi everyone,

Yes, good things come to an end. We concluded our two weeks in Canada yesterday and had only one thought in mind: ” when do we return??” We would love to return in the future!

During this stay, we had a two week “buffet” with a little bit of everything; a bit of Montreal, a bit of the Central Quebec countryside and the remaining days shared between New Brunswick and Quebec city.

While I organize myself, I will just leave you with some first photos of areas around Quebec province and New Brunswick. Enjoy and see you all very soon.

Modern art near University of Quebec Montreal.

Flowered house, Central Quebec.

Old barn, New Brunswick.

Seaside sunrise, Caraquet, New Brunswick.


17 thoughts on “Back from Canada

    1. Hey there Bijoux,
      Yes! Go there one day. I esp recommend Quebec city. You will feel like you are in Old world Europe. My personal fav of the two cities :).

  1. *clapping and cheering*


    OMG..these photos are just beautiful! Love the composition in that first shot. What a great eye you have! The second one has such a beautiful ‘dreamy effect.’ And of course, being a sunset lover, I’m drooling over that last photo.

    Well done, my friend. WELL done!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    Have a great week!

    Much X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ron,
      Thanks so much, my friend. And many thanks for your compliments. I was trying my best to feel and capture images during this trip. There was many an unforgettable scenery or setting, all quite different than what we see in France. I love little villages and their houses!
      As for the sunset, it is actually a sunrise. Taken from our room’s balcony and… in my PJ’s! A first for me :).

      xo over to Philly and you.

  2. My dear Barbara, I cannot believe you are home already, I know I knew the date but it has just flown by …. I really hope that you and Didier had a fabulous trip .. I am sure you were camera happy too , with lots going on . Big hugs, welcome home xx

    Oh yes thank you sooo much for your lovely comment on my blog too 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      You are so right; the two weeks just flew by in a wink of an eye. It was a stimulating and fun trip.
      I did my best with the Nikon and will be happy to share some of these moments.

      See you soon on the blogs and take care xo.

  3. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!! 🙂

    Oh and what a gorgeous taste of what you surrounded yourself with.
    The middle two could have been taken in my area of the woods–I adore the barn shot. I’m a sucker for barns–the stories they could tell!

    And the sunset…….wow…….
    We get those here…..LOL……..but we’re a bit lacking on the marinas. 😉

    Welcome back!
    I’m sure it was too short, but you can go visit again! And again. And AGAIN!

    1. Hey there Mel!!
      Thank you my dear. It is good to be back. I think that you would have adored both Quebec & New Brunswick. Esp NB with it’s rural farm areas.
      I was glad that I got in at least one sunrise or sunset. This was was taken at the crack of dawn.

      Oh DEFINATELY; we will return and I think for a longer time. I would enjoy a whole month there.
      See you soon!

  4. Welcome home, Barb, and thank you so much for posting these photos! They are terrific! It’s especially fun to see them as I found out I have another Parisian friend who is going to move to Montréal later in the year — my former language partner, Frédéric. He was there at the same time you guys were I found out! Maybe you even passed one another on the streets and did not even know it. 🙂 What a terrific-looking place, though. I look forward to seeing more photos!

    Take care and best as you get over jet lag. 🙂

    1. Hi Karin,
      It is always a pleasure to have you direct from Denver. How are you doing?
      Wow, you know a new migrant to Montreal. How exciting for Fréderic. If we enjoyed just passing through I can imagine that creating a whole new life there will be challenging and fun also.
      Montreal is a cool city but I prefer the more provincial Quebec city.

      Thank you; you take care also. I am feeling better on Day 2. Yesterday, I was still feeling a bit off…
      Big hugs xox

  5. Lovely pics, I hope more are coming! Im glad you enjoyed my adoptive country and I hope everyone was “Canadian nice” with you!

    I’m curious about NB, a province I do not know at all.

    1. Hi Zhu,

      Thank you!
      We always have a very good time in your country. People are people but we can usually get more smiles in Canada than in France and engage in all sorts of interesting conversations.
      New Brunswick was nature lover’s paradise and a treat to D in the French speaking Acadian coast.

  6. Welcome back! My the time has flown – it’s been busy here too so I’ve not kept up with when you were back, but wow, it seems to have gone fast! Looks & sounds like you had a brilliant time & those taster shots show what attractive sights you’ve seen. I shall look forward to seeing more…!

    Joyce x 🙂

    1. Hello Joyce!
      Thank you for your warm welcome. Yes, reality has caught up with us but we have had a hard time getting Canada off our minds( we are always on “withdrawl” each time we leave North America).
      It has been quick I know; I have been to two provinces in 15 days!
      btw… I haven’t been here but just in case you missed this- there is a natural wonder called the “Hopewell rocks” in New Brunswick. They were much further down South than where we were.
      X to you.

  7. Hi there Barb and Didier! Just catching up on blogs after being away myself for some time … good to see you had a great trip to Canada! Wow – great photos, too.

    Not sure when we’ll next be in your beautiful Paris but will let you know. In the meantime, welcome home and take care! xxoo C and C

  8. Hi Carolyn & Clive,
    I am hoping that you are well. You both have been very busy this year and I am sure that there were many satisfactions in 2012.
    The rainy season has begun in Paris, even if some nice days can happen. It’s OK if you can’t make it this time.

    Thank you for all your good cheers and take care.

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