I am not a big photographer of modern architecture but I often enjoy their contrasts.
The sight of these buildings(seen going towards the old quarter of Montreal) intrigued me.

The difference in sizes make them look like steps in the sky.


8 thoughts on “Degrees

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Thank you :). Sometimes my eyes “wander” a long time before seeing something that I like. This looked very neat and I stopped in my tracks. Yes definately; the colors are also contrasting!!
      Cheers :).

  1. WOW Barb….what a faaaaaaaaabulous photo! What a great eye you have!

    Bijoux took the words right out of my mouth, I love the contrast in colors. AND the various architectures!

    “The difference in sizes make them look like steps in the sky.”

    Ha! That is so true!!! I’ve never been to Canada, but anytime I see photographs, I think…”What a beautiful place!” I remember reading an online article with Jane Fonda in which she said that Canada has the most wonderful ” positive energy” ; you can feel it the second your feet touch the ground.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you! I seemed to be looking for something different and I found it here.And in the best way; by chance!!
      I love visiting Canada and I also enjoy the energy and easy style of the people that we meet. I will NEVER say that Canada and the USA are the same(God forbid), but I feel very much at home. If I judge by what D says, we could be in even returning in the coming years so, Yay Canada!!
      You are very welcome, my dear. xox

  2. Well, I’ve been to bits of Canada–but it’s always been attached to some ‘doings’. I didn’t get much of a chance to just wander and explore…..and this photo and the ones below, make me want an adventure!
    Now this one I love because of the element of time and design that it eludes. It literally looks like you’re going back in time. That’s what makes it way cool.
    I love those peaks! Especially the middle one (which we tend to have a host of around here). And we have some great copper domes/peaks that are way under-noticed, especially by me!

    Awesome photos. I can’t wait for the rest! I will, mind you….LOL

  3. Hi there Mel,
    Awwh, thank you, dear lady. You know, it is really relaxing just to explore. Just a map and no itinerary; just let yourself wander! I discovered this scene by wandering! Yes, there are several “angles” that make this an interesting shot; sizes,colors, textures. You all have been very observant in noticing these details.

    i HIGHLY recommend Montreal or perhaps easier from your Midwest home, up North to Ontario. Go and enjoy, one day!!

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