To be continued soon

We are having computer problems with our main PC. I will be challenged typing on an itty-bitty notepad style computer, I also will be also be doing some photo exporting…The photos will be downloaded from the camera to enable me to use them on the second computer..

I will be needing some time….I’ll manage..

Since it is Friday, I am once again leaving you with a new photo post that concentrates on street photography.

This type of photography is taking me out of my comfort zone.I have not done this type of work, more often prefering landscapes,cityscapes or nature scenes.

Doing new things or trying new ways of doing is not always simple. I was reminded of one of my close friend’s words of wisdom when she said to me once that we have to leave our comfort zones in order to grow. So very true.

Enjoy the artcle and happy weekend to all.


8 thoughts on “To be continued soon

  1. A really interesting & helpful post – like you I retreat from being too “in your face” in the street – and there have been instances in London of people being reprimanded by police for taking photos in public places – security threats I think – so it’s wise to be cautious. The video on the link you give is no longer available to play (so it said when I tried to look) but some of the tips are really good and comonsense. I wouldn’t like to get smacked in the face by risking taking someone’s photo though…. in the Acoma Pueblo in NM this year I came across 3 native American Indians sitting taking in the view/sunshine and as all photography was banned unless you had a permit (I had one) I was a bit cautious about taking their picture without asking first. They beamed,laughed & said “Of course you can”. So I have a lovely shot of a family group of the Road Runner tribe – maybe I’ll put it on “The Moment” and share it.


    1. Hello Joyce,
      I am glad that you enjoyed this article.
      You understand completely like I do how big a challenge it is to photograph strangers in public.
      Maybe that is why I chose the subject, because what is different or may seem hard can be appealing.How surprising that in London the Police can scould you your photographing in some public spaces. In a few high security areas in Paris, it could be the same( I would not try to photograph around some Embassy buildings or near the Presidential palace).
      What a beautiful photographic experience with the Road Runnere tribe. With pleasure to see this wonderful memory on your blog!

  2. Good morning Barb~

    OMG…I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the photo and information link you shared! Those images are faaaaaaaabulous. I especially enjoyed the one of the woman holding the popsicle – brilliant!

    I adore street photography because it’s raw and so interesting.

    And you’re so right, we have to sometimes step out of our comfort zones to grow.

    Sorry to hear about your computer issues, my friend. Isn’t that the pits? Hope you get it fixed soon.

    Have a terrific weekend, Barb!

    (((( You ))))

    1. Hey there Ron,
      I know how much that you love b&w and I had the feeling that this would go TILT with you.
      I am not the most courageous people to go into an inner city, ferret about and ask people to pose. But, you never know the directions that we may take in life and what can spark the beginning of a life direction.
      Of course, one never plans to have tech probs; they “happen”, too. Our’s are not totally resolved but, we have another system up and running. I can now blog!!
      xo down to Philly.

  3. Someone tells me they’re having computer difficulties and I immediately break out in hives! LOL This is why I have an external drive for the photos I take, and why they’re on disks! I’ve been at that point where it all went upside down–and hated it. So, while I don’t know what the problem is, I know they don’t tend to be ‘fun’. Take time, take what you need–swear a bit….LOL (that works for me!) I’m just sorry it’s happening.
    But look on the bright side! You’ll get new experiences on that notepad thingy! And you’ll discover how to export and do other cool things! (yes, I’m trying really hard here…..LOL)

    k…….in the meantime I did have a look and a read at the link. Some of the photos are pretty cool. But I have a great problem with some of those tips, especially the following a person one. And I have an issue with the flash one.
    I have an issue with anything that’s invasive and disrespectful to another human being……LOL And I’m so much like Joyce! I ask. Always. And then I show afterwards and offer to send it on to the person. That’s why it’s rare to find a photo with people in the collection I have. Unless you’re talking The Bug. LOL There’s BAZILLIONS of photos with her in ’em. She’s a great little subject, the little show-off!

    1. Hi there Mel,
      Tech problems are not easy for me, neither. We usally burn copies of the work that we keep( we go through and cull then burn copies). Keeping it all on hard drive slows the system down with time and… you always are afraid of a crash or a virus that zaps your content!!
      We know what it is to lose entire files. A long time ago, we lost all our files. We had been very safe with our security systems since.

      You are right; the B side of a tech prob is the way we need to learn. I had to re-do the old way of downloading the photos via the cable hooked to the Nikon. Then, using a itty bitty notebook to do the first post since the problem. Today, I just spread my wings with 3 posts. Woo!!

      I have a hard time photographing people up close. I have already done people from the back side.That’s easier and it gives a “mystery” to the photo when well composed. But, if the occasion ever comes up to photograph up close, I would not steal their image. A consent is necessary… I don’t want to be called a “thief” :).
      Have a great day, my friend.

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