Gone to the beach at Maskinogé lake

” Gone to Saint Gabriel beach “.

Maskinogé( say “Mask-keen-o-jay”) lake was our first visit after arriving at our friend’s house in the Laurentians region. This lake is located a few miles from our friend’s home. It is beautiful and serene, surrounded by mountains, little homes and a park & picnic area.

Just what the Doctor ordered after battling traffic and getting frazzled on the highways of Montreal the day before.


10 thoughts on “Gone to the beach at Maskinogé lake

  1. After driving in the craziness of traffic–just about perfect I’d say.

    *happy sigh* What a gorgeous bit of the planet. And the trees has a bit of turn to them, which makes them stand out as their own, despit that really blue water! Maybe it’s just me loving the turning of the trees…

    Oh….the little boats, the houses tucked around the trees–perfect spot to just BE, I’d say.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Oh boy, we hit a great spot for a day after “urban traffic madness”!! The sun was shining and a few people were along/in the water. Yes, the trees were turning when we went East. But, we were a wee too early.

      Yes, in a place like this, being IS COMPULSORY; DOING optional ;).
      Happy weekend, dear lady.

  2. Wow Barbara , how fabulous for you to have a car for 10 days, yeah I wonder how Didier felt .. a mad frenchman .. ha ha ha … I know that Arni drives differently over in Europe … Such a wonderful place you went too,,, so relaxing, and I think just the sort of area for you and Didier to relax.. Beautiful xxx

  3. Hi Anne,
    It was a grand experience for the both of us. A mad Frenchman, not quite(sorry to dissapoint ya; he has even braked for birds crossing rural roads in the past) but indeed a very anxious one in the beginning. It takes extra attention in the start and then more attention all along to figure out for the direction.
    But, we made it!!

    Thanks for stopping by, sweetie xo.

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