May the road trip begin…

One morning, we were no longer just two visitors footing our way around Montreal.
We had a car for the next 10 days!!

We took it step by step because this was new for both of us.
What happens when you take a Frenchman who has only driven manual shift cars(more common in France) and give him the keys to an automatic shift car??

A new experience!!!

We are looking at that Quebec city direction sign and loving it Here we were finally on our way to the Laurentians region to see our friend…

The man at the wheel.

Scroll down to see our first visit… Cheers!!


4 thoughts on “May the road trip begin…

  1. Hahaha…..I’m going to admit checking to see how white those knuckles were!

    *laughing* I KNOW the experience. From both sides of the car seats.

  2. Hi Mel,
    That really dosen’t surprise me; Ha!! He had started to be pretty calm by the time photo number two was taken.
    I can just imagine, being beside a Brit who has to get used to drving on the “wrong” side or( maybe at one time) the “wrong” type of transmission. Even teaching teens to drive could be very high in adrenaline 🙂
    Just a part of the fun of life 😉

  3. I took driving ed in France (but failed the driving test twice :-() and eventually got my license in Canada. Seriously, auto cars saved my life. I hated driving with a stick, and I’m the first one to acknowledge I’m not a born driver!

    Auto cars let me focus on the road, and I like that.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      I am talking as someone who also had a lot of problems with the French drivers test. I am very glad that you suceeded in Canada and by using an automatic shift. It really saved your life!
      You will very soon need to have a car for baby and baby’s stuff! 🙂

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