D’s picks- New Brunswick

Happy TGIF!

Today is D’s turn to do his pick of his favorite photos. It is a nice opportunity to usher in our New Brunswick portion of the trip.

For information’s sake, below is a map of NB(click to enlarge). New Brunswick is a neighbor with Quebec province to the North and with Maine, USA to the West. The part of NB that we stayed in was called the Acadian coast. The Acadian coast is a largely French-speaking region that I will be presenting very soon.

Acadian pride at a colorful house at Miscou island.
The residents of French origin have their Acadian flag, which is a blue-white-red French flag with a gold star. You will see the flag/ the flag colors everywhere in this part of NB.

A quiet spot at the Saint Anne du Bocage sanctuary in Caraquet.


P.S. Don’t miss my Friday photo post(on the right hand sidebar) with “10 dazzling night sky photos”.


3 thoughts on “D’s picks- New Brunswick

  1. Bonjour Barb and D!

    Grrrrrrreat photos! Love the all the bright colors in the first one! And the second one invokes such a beautiful sense of peace and serenity. Lovely photo!

    And I checked out your night sky photos link – WOW!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s ironic you shared that because this past week I’ve been taking some nighttime photos and have discovered just how challenging it is. I fiddled around with the exposure and light settings on my camera a bit and it seemed to help. Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Have a faaaaaabulous weekend, my friend!

    X and hugs to you and D!

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