On the road towards New Brunswick…
There was this crazy woman in a black car, who was taking photos on the passenger’s side:

I got a crooked image… OK. Once at home, I made it even more “tipsy” and used a “Lomo effect”  to make the sky pop.

Tipped church steeples make me remember my Gothic moods photo that I did in Amiens, France. One of my past favorites!

Happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “Tipsy

  1. Ohhhhhh…….PRETTY!!

    You’re right. The sky pops!
    You’ve made a great save of a photo that would have landed in the bin were it me.

    More reason to hold on to those bazillion photos that I ‘might’ some day get around to playing with. LOL Yeah, right…….hahahahaha

  2. Hey there Mel,
    Happy weekend!!
    Thank you, dear lady. If I could pass on one tip about deleting is to NOT delete while you are shooting. You need the time to examine it and maybe tweek it.
    Of course, I have had times when the image was black, you want to let those go. Oopps and ooops again.
    But, even a mishap can sometimes be edited to make a pretty. Yay!!

    I think that you have an extensive photo collection on your side too. Shake my hand, pardner 🙂 I know what that is like having bazillion photos!

  3. Bellissima, Barb!

    I LOVE it! Love the crookedness, the sky, AND the church steeple! As you know, I adore churches and anything that has to do with Gothic moods.

    There is such a beautiful sense of serenity and peace about this photo.

    Well done, my friend, WELL done!

    Happy weekend to you and D!


    1. Good morning Ronnie,
      I had fun with this one. Instead of making it rock straight, I lfelt like tipping and coloring it. Very fun! It really is a second step to creativity to rework some photos. I have only recently been doing this.
      I know that you are also a fan of church photography. There are so many posiibilities to work with, even if one is not religious. There will be a few more examples coming!
      Happy weekend to ya! xox

  4. Hey there Michael & Melissa,
    I had a feeling that you might know this shady character :).
    Thanks for your kind words. It goes to show, if you really like a “reject”, you can play with it to make it right!!
    Have a great week!

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