His and her views

An adorable boutique and gift shop in Caraquet. We even made friends with the bright-eyed owner :).

By Mister:

A small boutique but “chock full” of the colors of Acadia!

By Mrs:

I was more amused by the row of mannequins and tipped my head to set an interesting angle.

A positive and happy Monday to all :).

10 thoughts on “His and her views

  1. Hi Bijoux,
    Yes! I think that they are blow up dolls! Which sort of makes me want to giggle but… this is not that type of boutique! A really creative display and I let the owner know that I liked it.

  2. Hey there Barb!

    HA! I love Bijoux’s comment because they do look like blowup dolls!

    GREAT shots by both the Mister and Mrs.! The colors are awesome!

    Your shot is so FUN!

    Well done, Mister and Mrs.!


  3. Hi Ronnie,
    Thank you very much my friend! This is a fun house! Red,white,blue everywhere :).
    The dolls are a riot! I was suddenly wondering if the owner takes them down before winter; I would think so… That is cold country, NB…

    Hugs to ya down in Philly. xox

  4. Wow…..well, truthfully, without that first shot that second one wouldn’t have quite registered! And I adore the street signs, so that wins points. LOL
    But that closeup of the dolls hangin’ over the edge makes me smile. How fun!

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Yes, of course, the two shots go together(or at least a good explanation!).
      I did love to see those dollies peeking out; very fun shoot!

  5. Hello Barbara, hope you and Didier are well …

    I love your His n Hers photos… your one of the dolls is brilliant… we girls always like close ups .. but they are both great shots…:-) Hugs Anne xx

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      D & I are fine, Thanks. We keep busy :). Hoping that life is kind with you.
      Thank you for your kind works for both of us. Oh yes, we gals love to get curious and have a closer look a things ;). Everytime I see lines, I want to try and play with them and find lines that are more exciting.
      We all can think before shooting a photo.
      Hugs xox

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