Cooking the old fashioned way

We are following in the tour of the Historical Acadian village(scroll down to see more).

Presenting the ancestral version of the modern oven:

My offering you for this week’s “Friday photo post” is learning to shoot in manual mode.:

Learn and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Cooking the old fashioned way

  1. Hellooooooooo Barb~

    Awesome shot! You really get a feel for the ancestral version of the modern oven. How cool is that?

    Also, thanks for sharing the manual mode link! I will read more about that later this weekend!


    1. Hi Ronnie (aving from afar),
      You are very welcome! It is still similar to baker’s ovens of today(they use long paddles to put bread in & out). I have never seen one of these at work, though!
      My pleasure for the manual mode link! Enjoy!!

  2. Ohhhhhhh…….very cool! I’da had way too much fun poking my head into places and snapping photos there.
    i’m suddenly wayyyyyyyyyy grateful for electric ranges! LOL

    1. Hi Mel,
      I am sure that you would have LOVED this village. A few homes were open with costumed people:). Think about your beautiful electric range the next time you are over it (it coulda been the other one…) x

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