The Acadian historical village(part II)

Just a mix of different building styles seen at the village. I kept these without editing, leaving them natural. But, the following post features an edited photo to welcome the modern era.

8 thoughts on “The Acadian historical village(part II)

  1. Good morning Mizie 🙂
    Thank you my dear. If you meant the first photo that was in brick, it is actually shingles. The color & texture are deceptive. If you meant the barn with the wild plants in front, I was grateful to have captured that effect. I went down low and with manual mode could blurr out the back.

  2. Ohhhh…..I’m all about the barn with the cart! The colours are great and I adore the ivy climbing up the side.

    Gosh what a fun place to wander about……

    1. Hi Mel,
      Many Thanks for your kind words. I have the feeling that this village would be for you what Disneyland/world is to others!! All that was left to complete the ambiance is to have yourself get into traditional garb/ do some traditonal activities. Maybe that do that in summer…

      It was cool!! Hubby says that he would like to see more of the Maritimes in the future and… there is a SECOND Acadian village in Nova Scotia. Hang on to yer bonnet, Missy…

  3. Gooood morning Barb!

    Lovely photos! I feels as though I just stepped back in time.

    And you really get a sense of how peaceful and serene it must have felt, walking through that village.

    Well done, my friend. Well done!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Many Thanks to you! Yes, it is like walking into a mini time capsule. I truly enjoy these type of places that allow you to feel and understand different places.
      I highly recommend a trip to the Acadian historical village.

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