Nostalgia bound

Train tracks give depth taken from a far angle…

All roads lead to the village’s tiny mock station called “Rivière du Nord/North river”.


11 thoughts on “Nostalgia bound

  1. *thunderous applause*

    WOW! This shot is STUNNING! Love what you did adding the color at the top, Barb!

    And yes, I definitely do get a sense of depth from the angle of the tracks!

    *two thumbs up*


    1. Hey Ronnie,
      I will take a modest bow (-_-). Thank you, sweetie. It was fun putting b&w then coloring the sky partially. I like trains a lot; they make fun noises and despite the super high speed ones, they tend to go slower. When we can afford the luxury of time!
      xox down to Love city :).

  2. I can’t believe you only got one “like” for this photo so far. This is a great pic. Next time, add “Photography” to your tags and I am almost certain you will get more “likes”.

    1. Hi and Welcome, Oxford tourism!
      Many Thanks for your kind words about this photograph. Yes, I have always been very specific for my tagging; I will take your kind advice and tag” Photography”.
      BTW; I had a nice read on your blog. I thought at the beginning that youmay have been in the UK, but I learn of another Oxford!
      Best wishes to you.

    1. Hey Zhu,
      Many Thanks. I am sure that in Ontario there are lots of fascinating RR spots. One often is fascinated with what one didn’t have at home. Growing up, we only had one train where I grew up place( a sugar can train)!
      You take care xo

  3. Hi Barbara, reminds me of when Arni and I lived in Wales, we had a railway line at the bottom of the garden. You are doing so well with your photography 🙂 hugs Anne xx

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