Finding treasure island

These are one of those road trip discoveries that make you go “oooohhh” out loud (including the driver).
We spied on a drizzly day a peak. It looked intriguing…

After parking and crossing over the entrance, we were in a park that looked out to this:

We are at Pokeshaw, NB and in its park. The big rock is called Pokeshaw island (or Bird island).

It still feels like Treasure island to me…

I of course “tweaked” the color a bit to give it some life.


10 thoughts on “Finding treasure island

  1. Barb, what a STUNNING first photo. It has such a wonderful mystical and magical feel to it!

    As soon as I saw it I thought of Never Never Land in Peter Pan!

    Well done, my friend. Well done!


    1. When I read your comment I said “yes! Never Land”!!
      It was the Lost boys island for you. Very good! I saw Treasure island! We have different versions of fantasy islands . Ha!!
      Thank you kindly, my friend xoxo

  2. I really like Ron’s comment up there — very much captures what I felt when I saw this pic.

    Thank you for sharing these, Barb! It is so wonderful to have these views into your trip and I am enjoying them a lot. Thank you for your work!


    1. Hello Dear lady. How are ya doing? Wishing you love and good energy, as always.
      Thank you hon. D & I were very taken away by the view. If we go back, next time, we have to spend some time walking over there. To find those Lost boys or buried treasure!!

      You are so welcome, hon.

  3. Closed?!
    TELL me you trespassed! OHmygosh……closed?!

    Definitely Peter Pan kinda place–
    We find the coolest things when we turn off at those marked parks along the highway that nobody seems to pay attention to…….

    Closed?! Rawr!!!

  4. Mel,
    Yup, and forgive our trespasses, dear park Ranger. Next time, we shall be law abiding.
    I so agree; go off the straight path and find the coolest discoveries…
    The park was closed due to the because we were before 10 a.m.
    Cheers to ya, lady!

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