I interupt this photo series for an announcement…

Before I continue with our tour of  Canada, I have a very happy announcement.

I am doing a year-end prize drawing!

I had “hatched” this idea in my noodle a few weeks before our Canada trip. When D & I were there, we kept our eyes open for some special gifts. Just for this drawing!

There are many wonderful people who visit this blog. Your presence and spirit are so enjoyed year-long. This is just a way to give back and say « Thanks »

We did our part and it is now your turn to participate.

What is up for grabs ?

I have two little holiday themed gifts. I am adding a bonus surprise( non-holiday) with each gift. The prizes are from three boutiques that we liked in Quebec province.

How do you participate ??


From 1 -24 November, 2012, write a comment to any one of my posts.

Even if you just say « Hello « or whatever you like . This is a chance for some of my kind likers or new readers to speak up and try and maybe win a prize from Canada!

The drawing to be held on  Sunday, 25 November, 2012 .

How will the drawing take place ?

Unlike this year’s first drawing (I used an online drawing service), this new drawing will be held in the old-fashioned way .

This drawing is to to be held at home with an « impartial and friendly » hand that will be drawing names.

All steps will be dutifully recorded with photographs( by your’s truly) before the drawing (verification of names) and of course, during the drawing.

 When will we know the names of the winners?

The winners will be announced on the blog right after the drawing. The lucky winners will receive their prizes by airmail before Christmas.

So, what are you waiting for ? Good luck!!

See you tomorrow for new Canada photo posts. 🙂

P.S. For participants -Your postal address and e-mail will be never revealed to anyone. My promise.


20 thoughts on “I interupt this photo series for an announcement…

  1. Bonjour mon amie… You are such a kind person .. a wonderful idea .. ♥ great to share, isn’t it..;-)
    Good luck to everyone that takes part, I wonder what the surprise gifts are??? ..

    Such a shame my post never arrived, ..:-( I was thinking of you xx0x

    1. Bonjour chère amie,
      How are ya dear? Thanks so much for stopping by. This is my humble way to share a bit of one of our trips… I can’t take you guys all with us, so we offer you a souvenir.
      Tsk, Tsk; now those would not be surprise gifts if I told! It makes for a bit more anticipation 😉

      Good luck to you. You are in!!

  2. Just tossing out that if you are new to this blog or have been in the sidelines reading, you are welcome to play, too.
    Drop me a comment on ANY post up to 24 NOV and voilà…

  3. Hi Joyce,
    With much pleasure and joy, my dear.
    Thank you for being you. Your presence is greatly appreciated each time.
    Good luck to you and happy week-end.

  4. Hi Teri,
    Welcome! It is a pleasure to greet new people and discover their blogs.
    My hubby & I traveled to NB & Quebec(Montreal,Lanaudière & Quebec city). We bought some little items in boutiques in Quebec just for this drawing.
    Congrats, you are officially Number 12 in the drawing for one of the prizes.
    Best of luck to you!

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