Miscou beach

Beautiful Miscou beach . Offering you a moment of pleasure on one of nature’s natural playgrounds.

All paths lead to the beach. Why these elevated paths?

Because of them… I am loving the respect of nature here!!

Driftwood seascape.

Dances with waves.


11 thoughts on “Miscou beach

  1. Beeeeeeeautiful captures, Barb!

    Love the clarity and crispness you captured in these images.

    These photos remind me of the beaches in the New York, Hamptons!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you for your kindness.
      I felt crisp and light, just like the breeze and sunshine. I hope this leaked into my black box.
      Have a great day! xo

  2. First and penultimate are my favourites – I love the wooden walkway & the way the shot leads me towards the beach huts & ultimately, the beach. And the washed driftwood is just my kind of photo! Most of all, being a “birdie” person, I appreciate awareness being raised about these precious birds.

    Joyce x

  3. Hello Joyce,
    Thank you for your kind comment. This is a beautiful beach, like many others on the globe. But, it had a deep feeling to it.We have often thought about it since returning home.
    We loved the great efforts to cohabitate with and protect the birds. The wooden architect̀ure totally blended with the beach. Oh yes, driftwood is very beautiful. 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Ohhhhhh…those first ones are magnificent! I love the depth and feel to them. And I adore WHY the walkway is extended so far. Bless their hearts. And wow……..what a lovely little beach to wander on.

    I wondered why there were beach huts on the boardwalk….LOL…I’m guessing they’re viewing platforms for the birdies? VERY cool, whatever they’re for. They make the expansiveness almost homey.

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