Scribbling away in Monochrome

This looks like an old lobster trap hanger. Look closer…

Scribbles and more scribbles… from top to bottom.

Gigi & Ben…

Here, the French Acadians passed by…

Run down lobster shack.

What honestly surprised me about the graffiti was the absence of words starting with F or anything similar. Just names and expressions of happiness…

Just seen on the way to Miscou island. Scroll down to see the beach post.

P.S. If you haven’t read my post about my “year-end prize drawing”, please find out how you might win a prize:



8 thoughts on “Scribbling away in Monochrome

  1. Stunning monochromatic photos, Barb!

    The effect really highlights the images!

    “What honestly surprised me about the graffiti was the absence of words starting with F or anything similar.”

    You said it! Here in U.S. the graffiti is nothing BUT words starting with F. HA!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    X to you and D!

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    My sincere thanks you, my dear.
    I was experimenting in both color and distance( notice how the pics get closer?). As for graffiti, it was refreshing to see just names and happy things( e.g. “loved it”, “thanks”, “beautiful place, etc).

    It is always a pleasure to see ya here.

  3. OH my gosh……I NEED to set the camera on B & W and just have a go. I adore black and white photos. The sister sent on a scrapbook project for the wee one all done in black and white and it’s just gorgeous. (and NOT cuz it’s just of the Bug….LOL)

    There’s a viewing spot up north that’s got lovely things carved and written on it–I love looking at the names, dates and squiggles left by the visitors.

  4. Hi Mel,
    I say “go for it!”. Just experiment… Try taking a subject in b&w and see if it clicks. I do think that it is a natural for some scenes( urban, buiuldings, geometric spaces, or anything with a minimalist composition). Just feel it and go with it if you like it.
    Isn’t it fun to see nice graffiti? I went nutes reading names and places… Good vibes!

  5. Hi Rita,
    Thank you xox.
    Sometimes, I transform my photos on b&w to give a new feeling. And, I also played with distance to give different feelings. It was fun!

  6. I like the “kind” graffiti as well.
    I’m so happy to have been directed you way by Mel. Your photography is beautiful and your generosity inspiring, heartwarming, and charming.

  7. Hi Ashley,
    For a simple lobster hanger, it was bursting with lots of happiness and fun!
    I am grateful that friends are bringing friends. Be welcome anytime. Thanks again Mel!

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