Sainte Anne du Bocage sanctuary

We are at Sainte Anne du Bocage in Caraquet, New Brunswick.

A sanctuary is considered to be either a sacred place or a place of refuge or asylum. To express one’s devotion or to feel peace, calm or beauty here is not hard.


Sending Peace to all.


14 thoughts on “Sainte Anne du Bocage sanctuary

  1. Beeeeeeeeeeautiful captures, Barb! Just BEAUTIFUL!

    You can actually FEEL the peace and serenity within these photos.

    Love them all, but the one of the glass candles really touched me. The color is magnificent!

    *giving you the peace sign*

    Peace, my friend!


  2. Hey Ron,
    Thanks very much, my friend.
    This was a teeny sancutuary with something like 20+ chairs and then big alter. The candles drew me right into to a very profound feeling.
    Hey a big “V” Peace sign back to ya, honey. A peaceful “after election day”, I pray.

  3. I love the colours of the candle holders …warm and vibrant 🙂 … Ah Saint Annes .. Is that the ocean or a lake through the arch?? Oh to be near the sea .:-) xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you, hon. You would surely have loved this place.
      Yes, there is water ; this is a bay called ” Chaleur Bay/Baie des Chaleurs”. You would think that it is the ocean!
      Let us keep the light of hope burning for so many people in our lives.

  4. Well, who wouldn’t love the collection of colourful candles?!

    And that top shot with the touch of red in the trees and that gorgeous, pristine looking church/churchyard…..very nice.
    But the angles and the shadow of the cross on the roof was one that had me doing double takes.

  5. Thanks for the message on my photography blog, it will be a delight getting to know each other. I thought I left a comment here yesterday to say it is thanks to our mutual friend Anne that I found you. You are now on my blogroll. 🙂

    1. Hi LindyLou,
      It is nice to have you aboard 😉 It will be my pleasurue to know Anne’s friend and another fellow shutterbug. Stop in anytime and good luck for the contest, too! We still have two weeks left for other people( You who, those nice people who may be out there just browsing? I have a contest going on until 24 NOV:
      Cheers to you, LindyLou!

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