A spot of red

It seems like we were forever seeing red roof tops in Quebec. So, it is fitting that I feature a spot of red on the road to here:

Here we are in Quebec city. You can’t miss that massive structure called le Château Frontenac(a very famous hotel).

In the meanwhile, we were still on the country roads heading to the big city and enjoying the scenery.

Enjoy and happy day to all!

P.S.- Two weeks and counting until the year-end prize drawing on the 25 NOV. Comment and be eligible to win one of two prizes bought during our Canada trip. Info here:

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “A spot of red

  1. Wow…..how could you NOT spot those rooftops?! LOL They’re just too cute.
    Tin roofs seem to be turning up everywhere around here. I objected to one being placed on the house because of the noise and sliding snow factors. LOL Maybe I needed to think twice about that…..

    These are lovely. And that hotel–wow……WOW……..

    1. Hi Mel,
      You are so right, my friend. Hard to miss! Where I live(the suburbs around Paris), tin roofs are not too common. Every country has its norms; here, it is red clay tiles or sometimes slate.
      Ah, I see that you reside under a tin roof… I didn’t think of the sliding snow aspect!

      The hotel is a world class place. It was of course, out of our budget range. Maybe in a next life ;).

  2. *gasping*

    Barb, each one of these photos ROCKS!

    That first one of the hotel is just stunning. It kinda reminds me of the Bellevue Strafford Hotel on Broad Street in Philly!

    LOVE how the red POPS in the photos below. And that last landscape photo is breathtaking!

    Well done!

    *three cheers*

    Happy Monday, my friend!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Much gratitude for your kind remarks. It is fun playing “spot the red roof”! 🙂
      The Bellevue Stafford; I guess that I probably went straight past that one! Make a mental note for the next time, Barb…

      Color is such a huge part of the photography experience. I have but scratched the surface with this.
      Have a happy week, buddy. xox

    1. Hi Rita,
      You are so right about the use of red; simple and eye catching at the same time. I haven’t yet been to Dublin but have seen many an image with those red doors.
      We photographers can be thankful; these are great focal points!!
      Château Frontenac is more austere looking than those homes. Imposing…


  3. That single red roof is stunning – well spotted! I’m havin’ a ball in Devon right now & as today was clear & sunny I was able to find some good shots ofthe sutumn colours against the blue skies.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      My sincere Thanks to you. How great; you are on(or was on) an Autumn escapade. Beautiful, Autumn photos! I have never been to Devon and am keen to see more on your posts.

  4. Hi Joyce,
    Many Thanks. It is very funny noticing many details the first time around. I would be noticing colors, items on the porch or even the gardens. We just let our eyes rove and enjoy 🙂

  5. I am surprised at how lovely a red roof can look on disparate buildings in opposite settings (rural v urban). I was discussing red-painted church doors earlier this week with a dear lady from my parish. Apparently they are considering painting the heavy wooden doors red of our church red (amongst other recent preservation/restoration efforts). I like red church doors in general but said that they would be terrible on our church. Maybe I need to seriously consider the possibilities since I would not have expected the loveliness of this hotel’s red roof.

  6. Hi Ashley,
    I am very glad that you enjoyed :).
    Yed doors give a lot of strong character and are quaint. But, agreed; they could not be right for all structures. Humm, I don’t know about on a church. I honestly have never been in a church that had a door of that color… that could be a first for a post if we ever find one like that!

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