Drive Canada

We are on the road to Quebec city. On the first rest stop at Dégelis.

I was just loving the reflection of the Canadian flag on the rental car’s hood.

Hail Canada!


10 thoughts on “Drive Canada

    1. Hi Bij,
      I will say honestly that I don’t know… I even googled it! :).
      My fancy guess-the bright red might have some useful purpose with all the snow. Though, that is just a very “free form”!
      Thanks for brainstorming with me!!

    1. Thank you Mel!
      Can you imagine, I was just “standing there” and the idea jumped out at me.
      I love creative moments like that but you have no control over them!
      Thank you for stopping by and have a happy day.

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      My humble Thanks.
      My goodness; a car’s hood(provided it is still fairly new) is a great mirror! I so enjoyed playing with the reflections…
      Glad that you enjoyed!

  1. Hi Rita,
    Thank you! You are sooo right, honey, about the flags forming a triangle! I had not noticed!
    Sharp eye!! You are probably the first person to notice this :).
    Have a wonderful day and see you soon.

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