From the top looking down

Quebec city is a walker’s delight. Going between the higher and lower parts of town on foot gives you a lot of great views.

Here are two:

Colorful park near the portside.

Just looking down on the passersby…


10 thoughts on “From the top looking down

  1. Oh what a fun angle. And what a nifty photo opportunity. LOL They all are, aren’t they?! 😉
    The building with the stoned street and yellow windows is just too cute. Looks like quarried limestone buildings–we have those here and they’re so adorably timeless.
    And that touch of turning on the trees is always photo worthy……but what are those, scattered in the park? Buoys with lanterns? LOL

    1. Thank you sincerely, Mel.
      Old Quebec city is a heartbreaker; cobblestones, old stone structures,etc. We hope to show some of these in the coming days.
      BTW, those are buoys in the park. It is the park near the port so they cleverly painted them and set them as decor. Nice!

    1. Hi Midnightvisitor,
      Welcome to my blog home! You are very welcome. Thank you for your kind words.
      My goodness, Jakarta sounds busy! I am sure that a break somewhere in the open spaces and less cars would appeal to you. I personally love Quebec city for its old world ambiance and relaxed ways.
      Come over anytime and BTW, you are now offically our 10th person our year-end drawing (taking place 25 NOV). Good luck!!

  2. Bellissima Barb!

    And might I chime in with Mel and say that I love the ANGLES of both these shots. Also, that they have people in them because it adds movement. What always intrigues me about photos I see of Quebec is that it reminds me so much a European city. You really captured the charm and quaintness!

    Well done!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      My very sincere Thanks. I certainly loved something when I looked down. The lines were attractive seen from afar. There is a lot of geometry going on. If you trace your finger across each, you can find at least one geometric pattern! Yes, the people add a nice movement, too!

      xox to ya down to Philly!

  3. Hi Zhu,
    Oh my goodness; you did the climbs in the dead of winter! You were very brave soldiers :).
    Though the Winter Carnaval is reputed to draw thousand at the coldest part of year so, some people are more than happy to get their buns frozen off!!
    Bises xo

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