Sitting and waiting

I had been asked lask week by my hubby, D (the soon to be “friendly hand” for the year-end drawing):

“When do I get to draw the winners?”


Otay….I had to explain again that it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Someone has “itchy fingers” 🙂

But sorry darlin’, you have to be patient; take a seat and enjoy the view:

I just have to love an empty bench… in a square in Quebec city.

P.S. For latecomers scroll down to find out more about the year-end drawing. Everyone is WELCOME to play; just comment and UR IN….


9 thoughts on “Sitting and waiting

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you, my dear. I softened the lines and added a light tint to the sky.The light was already on the overcast side;
      I have a “thing” for empty benches; I have already done the same in a park at home.


    1. Hey there Karin!
      It would have been a shame to do b&w here. The orange just carries the photo so nicely.
      If I could create good vibes, then I have brought peace to several to you. My pleasure.
      Take care, sweetie.

  1. Enjoy the view indeed a beautiful Autumnal one. This is something none of us do enough of sit and stare at the beauty around us.

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