D’s pick’s- Quebec city

As promised, D selected some favorite Quebec city pics for you. Enjoy!

A funny mural with a house”opened” to reveal lots of activity… What do you see?

The promenade Dufferin, alongside the Saint Lawrence river.

Looking down on the port and a huge cruise ship.

Fancy entrance sign at the Assemblée nationale, the seat of the Quebec government.

Night scene near the theatre and Congress center.

A “sugar shack”; maple products store… Mmmm…

See everyone on Sunday for the drawing. It will take place in the afternoon (Paris time).  But… we have a family lunch engagement that we really have to honor… But, we will be ready to “rock and roll” when we get home.

So, don’t worry; if you don’t see the post right away on Sunday, it is coming!!

Good luck, everyone!

20 thoughts on “D’s pick’s- Quebec city

  1. Hi Bijoux,
    That mural is amazing stuff; I only imagine the months of work to do it so beautifully…
    The architecture here is very European and charms many a North American. I hope that you may experience it one day.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      It is typical Quebec fare. I LOVE maple syrup even if it is so sticky! 🙂
      Night is beautiful in Quebec city; very nice to walk about in and enjoy!
      Bises xo

  2. Hi Mitzie,
    Lots of tourists were standing and gaping at that mural; we included!!
    Wow; the third shot looking down to the port has a Norwegian air to it. I would love to take a cruise in Scandinavia one day! But, I also have to discover where my Danish gr-gr grandparents came from and actually go there! Dreams galore in my head 🙂

  3. Okay–you could stand and stare at that mural and still not see all there is to see! Someone did a brilliant job on that one!
    And the promenade — wow that building is amazing with it’s lines and curves and roofs galore! I’da missed the water, gaping at that!

    He done GOOD! (love the night shot, btw…..very cool)
    How’d he chase everyone off for the sugar shack shot? LOL
    Well done–pass that one to him, please. 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you so much! I have sent your good words to D and he thanks you! Murals are SO fun! Though, painting them was hard work. Brillant art!! Philly is another city that excels in mural art; ask Ronnie!
      That impressive building is the big hotel( Chateau Frontenanc). That famous one!
      Geez; I was wondering too, how he managed to photograph the sugar shack without one tourist.
      Cheers and Thanks again!!

  4. Hi Joyce,
    Thank you very much! D likes a mixed bag of photos( quirky Aquarian fun 😉 ).
    I think that the mural was an great success. I do not think that we saw other in Quebec city. This one was so fun! Just stand and look at that and then watch the people around it. Funny :).

  5. *thunderous applause*

    OMG…these photos are absolutely STUNNING! That first one of the mural is beyond awesome. As you know, we have a lot of murals here in Philly, but I’ve never seen one THAT detailed and 3 dimensional as that one. It’s INCREDIBLE!

    Also, the nighttime photo blew me away. It looks like a photo in a travel magazine!

    Bravo, D! WELL done, buddy!


  6. Hey there Ronnie,
    Merci, Merci (taking a bow for D who is still sleeping 🙂 ).
    The mural made a lot of people there to flip out. So many wonderful details and stories going on!
    I love Philly’s murals and we probably have only scratched the surface with them. But, the Quebec one wins the prize for 3 D quality!
    OMG… What a beautiful compliment to D to say that it looks like a magazine pic. Quebec city by night was lovely.

    I will pass on the good cheer and kind words to him when he rises.
    Happy weekend, dude!

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