Stay tuned…

D & I will be back later today to bring you his theme ” D’s picks”(of Quebec city ). But, we  are like those cute penguins up there,  in a “huddle mode” and  preparing D’s choices. Decisions, decisions!

See you a little later in the day!


P.S. These are the last 2 days to comment on this blog to have your name entered in our year-end prize drawing.

To get the scoop link here :

Don’t be shy about joining us. It is going to be SO MUCH fun to do and to share! Both D and I are very excited!!

Good luck to the 13  participants already in and the same to any  newbies joining in. 😉

P.S. Don’t miss the Friday photo post-  Beginning photography tips- Top 10 techniques for better pictures.

6 thoughts on “Stay tuned…

    1. Hi Galuri,
      Welcome! Thank you for your kind words and for now following my blog. You are welcome here anytime.
      There is always room for more friends!

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