Au revoir, Quebec city

This is just an informal “hodgepodge” of some memorable scenes. Here and there, when places inspired me and the Nikon…


Textures galore…


Rollin” on the river… Along the Saint Lawrence river and looking to the town named Lévis ( just across Quebec city).


Unesco world heritage site monument.


UN flags.


Canadian Big brother in the window.


Assemblée national, Quebec province’s seat of government.


Victorian pie in the sky…


Vive la mariée!! Hail the bride!! Photo shoot.

Hoping that you enjoyed the long trip through Quebec and New Brunswick. Our pleasure for our offerings. I would love to return here one day.

A happy & positive Monday to all.


16 thoughts on “Au revoir, Quebec city

  1. Hello Bijoux!
    This is a gorgeous city and I love finding new things to admire and photograph each time. Yes, coming home was arduous from here… It was a “feel good” place!

  2. *clapping and cheering*

    AMAZING photos, Barb! You really gave a wonderful sense of what this city looks and feels like. I’ll tell ya, Quebec reminds me so much of a European country. It’s STUNNING!

    I love how you processed some of these photos by using small accents of color in the black and whites. VERY nice!

    That last shot of the bride is faaaaaaaaabulous!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Really enjoyed this!

    ((((( You )))))

    Much X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Taking a modest bow. Much gratitude for your kind words, honey.
      I know myself; I have to have a “feeling” about whatever I photograph and then take it up a step, compose and sometimes edit.
      I think that Photography will always remain first feeling.
      I am glad that you enjoyed the selective color in the b&w. I had fun playing with them!!

      How about that bride?! We had two trips in 2012 and each time, we saw a bridal shoot. Fun!!

      It is always a pleasure to share

      Love to you and to Philly xoxo

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Thank you, chérie. I had so much fun photographing in Quebec! I loved using the selective color with the boat on the Saint Laurent. Selective color is really fun! I should invest in a more advanced photo software in the future.

      Cheers to you!

  3. That first one grabbed me and held me hostage for a while! LOL And then the UN flags….and then the Assemblee one….. Yeah, I’m a sucker for old buildings and architecture and black and white–and apparently those wee, touches of colour.

    And the cross atop the one who remained nameless—-wow……
    I have to go IN when I stumble across gorgeous churches with history–and what church doesn’t have history……

    They’re amazing photos.
    Are you SURE we have to be done? LOL
    (yes, I’m greedy!)

    1. Hi Mel,
      OMG; I had Mel as a hostage yesterday!! Woo; a life of photo crime !! 🙂 I am honored if I could find something different to shoot about rooftops.
      I am getting to the point where now when I shoot old buildings( and even sometimes new ones), zip… B&w
      I will admit to having gone into the “nameless” church and totally “bombed” out with the interior conditions( it happens to me and I am honest)… And I go out and see those lines and cross and say “Oui”… Thank you, “big boss”.

      Awwwhh; thank you for your kind words. I am grateful and happy that you enjoyed.
      I will admit that we have an idea in baking for December( pending weather conditions) to photograph a very special church. Stay tuned… 🙂

    1. Hi Rita,
      I am honored. I feel good there because there is the elment of the “past”. I can live among skyscrapers and such but sooner or later, I need to be grounded; have simple and warm buildings, grass, water, etc. I guess that I am truly the earth girl of my Virgo sun sign :).

    1. Hi Michael & Larissa,
      Thank you so much, my friend.
      I am always honest about my Photography. All you need is a photoediting software/ website. You will start in B&W and then do a “partial b&w” or “selective color” effect. I use Picasa. Download Picasa here:
      Maybe one day, I will get into fancier stuff at Photoshop…

      P.S.S. You are so kind for the bride! We didn’t stay to see the end but there were a lot of young strong males in the bridal group to help 🙂

  4. Hi Mitzie,
    I think that Michael’ s question is also yours!
    Also Picasa photo editing. Very simple and the download is freeee!
    Hoping that the rest of your NYC trip was relaxing and w/o probs.

    Happy day to you.

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