Let’s finish the story!

First off, Thanks to Zhu,Ron & Mel for your imagination that gave life to my ” imagined story-from-an image”.

Awesome work, guys!

Now, let’s end the story. A  wrap!!  New ideas and faces are welcome, please.

I am writing the first half, with everyone’s words:

Merde” Jacques mumbled to himself.

He frowned at the white Airbus bound for Shanghai. Glancing at the nose of the Airbus, Jacques let the thoughts float to the surface.  ”I was breaking my back for peanuts”, Jacques said aloud. He suddenly surprised a fleeting image in the window of his boss. Gilson was once again taunting him with that crooked smile. ”Yah”, Jacques sighed.

 In another reflection,  Jacques could also make out Rose’s baleful face. It had been a trial to hear Rose cry about” the man who Jacques had become” while handing him the divorce papers.

“Rose was right; I didn’t like that man, either”…. It was definitely time to press the eject button.

Jacques had slept through the greater part of the flight. Upon arrival, a stout Chinese man in a cap and uniform was waiting for Jacques outside customs. The driver held between his white gloves a paper marked ” MR. JACQUES DUPOND” . The man beamed when he saw Jacques come forward.

“Welcome to Shanghai. I will be escorting you to the CEO’s office”.

“Let the games begin”, Jacques thought as he shook the driver’s gloved hand…

The ride to the office was smooth, and Jacques was secretly disappointed. He had expected Shanghai to be drastically different from Paris, but all these tall buildings reminded him of La Défense.

He tried to avoid conversation with the driver–his English wasn’t that good, he rarely had the chance to practice this language, especially since he took refuge in the family house in Brittany. Back when he lived in Paris, he was working with an international staff. These days, the only person he talked to on a daily basis was his elderly neighbour.

Until that phone call, one morning. And now he was in a taxi, speeding along Putong.

“Life is strange,” he thought.

“God, I hope I can find a good cup of coffee and a French croissant here!”

He announced himself and relinquished his briefcase, shoving a hand in his pocket and attempting to act aloof as the contents were searched.  He knew whose ideas it contained, and he’d planned that ‘last laugh’ to be on her.

Jacques then hopped into a gilded elevator. The incoming crowd was pressing into his ribs. Jacques crushed his leather briefcase to his chest, like a shield. ” Breathe deeply man; it’s nothing”.

But it was not easy to forget that in a few minutes, he would be in front of the desk of this CEO woman. The name that could make or break a new career  was incredibly short: Ms. TK CHU.

Before he could pursue his musings, the doors peeled open to reveal a mahogany paneled corridor. It was dimly lit but the light coming from the single office at the end was intense.
A suave British accent suddenly filled the corridor:

” Step up, Mister Dupond. I don’t have all day.  I want to see your blueprints now.”


Montreal 2009 – Night skyscraper by D.

Look at the great story we did, guys! But, how do we continue and end the short story for Jacques in just a few lines or paragraphs??? I am not  writing a book with this but just having fun 🙂

Your fresh ideas and imagination are greatly appreciated. Of course, those who already wrote are not obliged to do again.

Thanks to all who play along with us!

Happy Monday.

@@@A late P.S. – Story line to be finished in January 2013.@@@


12 thoughts on “Let’s finish the story!

  1. Barb, I love what Mel and you have added to the first part of this story!

    “A suave British accent suddenly filled the corridor:

    ” Step up, Mister Dupond. I don’t have all day. I want to see your blueprints now.”

    Can’t wait to read what happens next! I’ll stop back in the next day or two to see what others have added.

    Happy Monday, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    P.S. Love that night skyscraper photo! VERY awesome!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, sweetie! I t has been a blast! But, it is not over yet…
      To tell you the truth, I can’t wait either to see where we are ending up or who may write. It has not been easy but I am hoping to be surprised with someone new;
      Let’s keep that good thought…
      Thanks for the kind words on D’s photo.

  2. I’ll let other give it a try and will check back in a few days to see where Jacques is going 🙂 I had a lot of fun writing a few paragraphs!

  3. Ms. TK CHU ………and a suave British accent?! Ah HA!!


    The plot thickens……….*insert evil laugh!!*

    Ohhhhhhh Zhu…..I can FEEL your wheels turning.
    (great photo of the high rise at night……OH….what’s THAT I see–an open window on the 27th floor?…….. Ah HA!!)

    *laughing* That’s a lot of Ah HA-ing, huh? 😀

  4. Hi Mel,
    Oh yes… Chu is in town and wait until she gets through… LOL!!!
    Yes, Zhu is churning and turning. She lived in China and knows the Chinese mentality well.
    Uh-oh; open window on the 27th floor.
    ” Watch out, Jacques!!;

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for coming. Just use your imagination and continue the story with a line or two of your choice.
      Read the story and ask yourself: “What will happen to Jacques after the CEO asks to see his blueprint?”

      Go for it!!

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