Happy weekend, friends. Just re-posting from my friend Mitzie’s blog. You can see that her prizes won during our drawing have arrived. Yay!!!  Once again, you are very welcome, Mitzie.

See you guys on Monday.


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    1. Hi Bij,
      I think that you are in snow country so, where the heck is the snow??? Ronnie used to have snow in Philly and it seems to be scarcer there these past years.
      You gotta write to the North ask ask Santa to import some 🙂

    1. Salut Zhu,
      I gotcha!! Rest assured, no snow here. I reminded D yesterday that in the 22 winters that I have lived here, I have not had à single Xmas with snow…
      Wishing for a happy and white Xmas for you,Mark & Feng.


  1. I thought that was in France too, just like Zhu… it is cold and very wet here today .. wish it was just cold and crisp .. the rain makes it feel sooooo miserable … love from Oxfordshire xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      I got you too! There is a great difference between Our rain and “plus” temps ( 8 temps C or so this afternoon) to freezing – temps.
      Hoping that you are staying busy and happy. 🙂
      Best wishes xox

  2. Wow….someone got our snow!
    It’s yet to find us in any substantial amount. (NOT that I’m complaining!!)

    What a joyful return Mitze had! How cool for her.
    And now she has an excuse to make cookies of the angel kind. 🙂

    I sit here with a thermos of coffee beside me. *laughing* It was a creative solution to get me caffinated in peace! 😉 And it elimates the need for continued service in the wee hours of the morning……Now if I can just get to the camera! *sigh* I’ll work on that one…..I think it’s in the car that’s still at the scene of the crime.

    I think I’d like to be teleported to Mitze’s house, please–seems to be loads of fun things happening there. 😉

  3. Hey there Mel,
    It is nice to have your visit. I hope that you are comfortable.
    I was also surprised to hear that it hasen’t really snowed yet up in the East and the Midwest. At least in Scandinavia, it will be a white Christmas 🙂 I haven’t had one in 22 winters in France!!
    Where there is a will, there is a way… A thermos full of your fav coffee for the wee hours. You are one happy camper!! You will manage to get your things out of the car in time; I am already glad that you got out and received the care you needed.

    Lets ask Mitzie if she can do a “time portal” and beam you down to Denmark. Scotty, beam her up!!
    Lots of love down to you.

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