To Newtown



My tiny light in the center…

No words here; just love, prayers/ highest vibes and compassion…xoxo

Photos taken in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.


12 thoughts on “To Newtown

  1. GORGEOUS photos, Barb!

    The one of the glowing candles is stunning.

    Ironic because last night I lit a candle for the parents, families and friends.

    And LOTS of love and prayers.

    Thank you for posting this, my friend.


  2. Hey there Ronnie,
    Thank you hon. This was all heart inspired and when you open up to your feeling your soul speaks.
    I find that sometimes,(for two good friends living across a sea), we do a lot of things at similar moments.
    Yes babe, we pray or if people are not spiritual, just send their highest vibes.
    Hang on there with your work… one last “black” weekend to survive before Xmas.

  3. Such hard moments for so many people. Lives forever changed…… Beautiful photos. And I thank you for the lighted candle in such a sacred and beautiful place. We’ve a candle burning–it’s just what I do.

    There’s no separation for grief–it knows all people.
    ((((((((( You ))))))))))

  4. Hi Mel,
    I had a thought again for the families of these poor teachers and children. What a sad Christmas for their town and region.
    I was an honor to light a candle( even a second going out). I still feel so connected to my homeland. Time dosen’t change that.
    Hugs back ((((((((((Mel))))))))))))

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