A divine technicolor light

Enjoy that ultimate Kaleidoscope that is a rose window. This is Notre Dame de Paris’ much photographed south rose window.





Some moments of joy, peace and beauty to accompany you during this holiday season.

Hoping to see you guys back in a few days as D & I do together one last very special post.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! The next post will be our last of 2012.
D & I will be on a break at home from Xmas up to New year’s day.

See you very soon!!


12 thoughts on “A divine technicolor light

  1. Gorgeous…… What a wonderful sacred place to step into. Visiting Cathedrals and Abbey’s …. Churches and wee chapels.. They all bring me a sense of closeness to the sacred ones. I’d suppose that’s to be expected, but it still astounds me for some reason.
    Blessings to you and D. I hope the both of you have grand moments as you embrace that holiday spirit.

    1. Hi Mel,
      So nice to have you over 🙂
      I LOVE going to sacred places. I am both in awe of man made architect and art as I am of the peace and comfort I having being there and being quiet and in felection. I am brought closer to all that is true and wholesome.
      I should be over your blog before Xmas but some Chrsitmas cheer to you and Him. Hoping that you will enjoy many little joys that perhaps rushing around on two legs you may have missed.


  2. Hey there Jasmine,
    Well, if you were in Paris and I took you, you would be going gaga in there. Absolutly gorgeous stuff!!!
    You are right to get excited at such beautiful works of art. What is cool is that the beauty of light touches of all in a church, whether we beieve or not. I am glad that you enjoyed 🙂

  3. Hi Mizie,
    Nice to see you.
    Thank you so very much. I never cease to be inspired by stained glass windows. Yes, maybe you should done some stained glass painting at home! There is so much sunshine in Dubai that it would that tour windows would be fab!!
    Happy holidays, my friend.

    1. Hi Rita,
      You are so very welcome. I could not leave Notre Dame without taking home some of this rose window in my black box.
      It awes me each time that I have been there. I am happy that you enjoyed.

    1. Hi Seth,
      It is nice to see you here at my blog home. You are welcome anytime.
      Thank you so much! I was an ambitious shoot for me and though I am not ready to make picture postcards, I was happy with the results.
      Have a nice day.

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