Weekly photo challenge: Resolved

One of my first projects of 2013 is to be participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge.

Each participant creates a photo to illustrate the weekly theme. But of course, it is harder to do in practice. You challenge yourself once a week, to creatively invent your version of the theme.

That is why it is a challenge!

This week’s theme is : resolved. Each of the participants has to illustrate his/her New Year’s resolution(s). This includes Photographic resolutions . My resolution for 2013. is  the following:

I resolve to improve my use of light.

It might not seem like a very original resolution for a photographer but it is a very basic one.
There are uses of light that I have not even begun to do or I have already tried  difficultly: night photography,  sunsets or sunrises, interiors, and tricky conditions where  light and dark are mingled.
This learning includes also mastering the shutter speeds, apertures, flash and all the rest that I need to know.

I have included three photographs with different types of light. They have never been published online.

If you are visiting here for the first time through the weekly challenge, Welcome!

Enjoy the photos.


A bridge in the Bastille quarter in Paris


Light and dark macro on a rose in my garden.


Light and dark around a statue in Notre Dame cathedral, Paris.

17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Resolved

  1. Those are all so lovely, it is hard to choose my favorite. When I studied painting, we did a lot with light. I always found it fascinating that the teacher said everyone’s face has a ‘darker’ side. Now I look for it in pictures.

    1. Hi Bij,
      Thank you so much. I keep a lot of pics in archives.
      You are so right about the “darker side” when it comes to people’s faces. Your art teacher was right. You know that painting and drawing is just a stone’s throw from Photography. Dark complements and outlines light just like day and night are complimentary.

  2. *clapping*

    Barb, I am so looking forward to this weekly challenge you are participating in. And I also look forward to learning what you learn.

    Ah yes, lighting….tricky, isn’t it? I’m slowing learning that myself.

    Faaaabulous photos! Love them all, but that second one of the flower took my breath away. It reminded me of something almost meditative.


    Happy Sunday, my friend…..X

    1. Hey Ronnie,
      Thank you, hon. Believe me, it will be really fun and stimulating! I want to see what progress I will had when I get to Dec 31, 2013. I am realistic; even if I advance a few steps, I will be happy!!
      I am glad that you enjoyed these. You are very right; the rose is very meditative!
      I honesly go through a lot of re-shooting phases… I don’t care if I look like an amateur( well, I am!) but I try numerous times. When I still don’t succeed, I remember to be gentle with myself.

      There is a new day to progress…
      Hugs to ya xox

  3. Light is very important, it does make all the difference! Love the pictures you took, the flower reminds me of the one you sent me 😉

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Light is indeed crucial. Yes, the photo of the rose has the same inspiration. I love the textures and colors of flowers. I am not specialized in macro but an occasional macro is relaxing.

  4. Hi Connie,
    Thank you. I was impressed when I saw the sun light up these roses. I was loving the play between light and dark . I am today very grateful that I grabbed my camera!

  5. Amateur!! Who are you trying to kid 🙂 absolutely stunning … and oh my word the second photo is FabUlous .. and I also love the bridge too. I have never thought about light and dark, I only have a little point and shoot, .. if the photos come out that is a bonus. No ok going to be serious now .. I try my hardest with my little camera, and now Arni has let me use is Nikon (not sure which one, ) .. hopefully I will find somewhere to practice …Thank you for shareing Hun xoxo

  6. Hi Anne,
    Thank you, honey. xox
    It mattes not that you just have a “point & shoot”. What matters is your eye and how you can “think outside the box”.
    Simple… Start at home or take your camera to a park, garden or even downtown. Find “the light” and look beyond for contrasts, like shadows or shade. Since you love macro, you can find subjects everywhere.
    You have done fab work and I know that more is coming!!
    Hugs xo.

  7. Wow…… Don’t make me pick! I like them all, and all for different reasons even though the use of ‘light’ is predominant in each of them. Gorgeous…..

    I’ll follow along with the challenge, of course. I might even try moving a dial on the camera IF I can muster up the ‘okayness’ with fiddling and missing moments I could be getting. *laughing* Seriously–that’s, in part, my hangup. While I’m fiddling with dials and numbers I’m missing STUFF!
    Sadly true.

    On the other hand…LOL I could be getting DIFFERENT stuff!
    *laughing* I’m hopeless, huh?

  8. Hi Mel,
    I was just down at your blog home.
    Thank you very much. I must be doing something right -LOL!. I had a lot of joy photographing these scenes(I did sweat it out at moments, though).
    I say go with your feeling as to when to take a shift to Manual. Read articles online and re-read your manual. I understand what you are saying; we can’t work dials and enjoy simultaneously. You need to shoot some and take quite time to look. Try different things and stick with what you like.

    Wishing you calm days and lots of healing.

    1. Buon giorno! Hello my Italian neighbor(I live in France). Thank you for your visit and your kind words.

      You are very right; the study of light takes a lifetime to master! Sometimes I see things in a light and would love to have the same but… I fail. Oh well… the next time, I will do better!
      I have done a quick visit to your blog last night. I will go back and look again this morning.

      Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Thank you. You are right; the owner’s manual is a must!! I went back last year and re-read mine. I switched to manual mode in 2012 so I went back to bases with the speed,aperture,ISO,etc. Never stop learning. It is no big thing to make mistakes along the way. I still do!!

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