Weekly photo challenge: Illumination


I am combining three types of illuminations; one on our laptop screen with a more divine illumination of the Buddha. Plus a halogen light of a desk lamp (hidden in the background). It happens to be my first “hands on” work with tricky light in 2013.

Everyone here can relate to the computer light. These are the illuminations that shine for each of us for in our computer activities. How cool if sometimes, we also can get wisdom and inspiration when we are online! We should be so lucky…

The only editing that I did to this photo was to boost the color. This brought out the golden hues.

Technical card:

1/10 sec

f 4.8

44 mm focal length.

I might add for the anecdote that idea came to me by an… illumination. The idea popped up out of the blue while watching TV last night.

Happy weekend to all.


18 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Illumination

  1. WOW, Barb…these are sooooooooo awesome!!!

    And being someone who collects Buddha statues, that first one REALLY blew me away. The lighting is absolutely stunning; giving the Buddha a very enlightened glow!

    “I might add for the anecdote that idea came to me by an… illumination. The idea popped up out of the blue while watching TV last night.”

    Isn’t it something about how inspiration comes to us in a sudden flash?

    Today, I walked around Philly and took a bunch of photos, which I might be sharing sometime next week. The day was gorgeous!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, my friend. I was thinking that you would enjoy this because of your Buddha collection.
      I went through many a re-take, adjusting lighting again & again. I chose the best one. It was an excellent challenge, making me thinking about better ways to photograph an object indoors.

      When an idea “pops up”, that is the work of creation. I love when this happens!! Yay for more photos of Philly! I can never get tired of Love city.
      xoxo down to Philly.

  2. NIce shot. You have quite a talent..and it also looks like a big screen at a theater and the computer keys are the viewers..very cool, Cuz…

    1. Hi Peg,
      Nice to see you here! Thank you, honey.
      That is a great perception; a theater screen and spectators. I Love it!! I never thought of it like that . You are one cool chick and my cuz to boot. Hugs xox

  3. *laughing* Oh, yes, I remember the dead laptop well. No light there! Which is really inconvenient, given the circumstances. Hmmm…..perhaps I’ll cruise online and see what good deals are out there.

    I adore the first photo. The Buddah seems to be popping up all over the place right now–maybe it’s that bit about reflecting at the start of the year? Dunno–but this one’s a keeper of a shot.
    And you really ARE a brave soul for not only chasing your resolution but posting it for all of us to witness!
    How cool is that!

    1. Hi Mel,
      OMG; no illumination from your dead laptop? RIP, dear machine…
      Yes, go cruising online and find your new fav.
      Thank you for your kind words.It was work but fun work :).

      I think that Buddha is associated with illumination a lot because he saw the light under a Bo tree and founded what we call Buddhism. You can’t go wrong with an image like Buddah.
      I have other lighting projects for the coming months… getting my hands dirty!

      Have a great week! xoxo

  4. Hello!
    Welcome to my blog home.
    I really had fun with this idea, even if the lighing was tricky. I would suggest that you edit your Buddha pic with “boost”. It will pump the tones. Good luck and Peace to you.

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