Weekly photo challenge: Beyond


I am who I am because there is a beyond in my life.

I live in France but I was born beyond its borders, in the USA. A major part of my personal History and memories came from this country that is now far away from my eyes. But even after more than two decades of life overseas, I am still very motivated to take the long way home…

Sometimes when my husband & I save our money, we climb into a big white bird and fly back to my homeland.  These are truly the best vacations.

In June 2012, I shot this photo from a Boeing. We were headed towards the Western part of the US, to spend time with my family. My  adopted country was now way beyond, and the family hub was slowly approaching.

There were the snow-capped Rocky mountains below, winking at us with their snow caps. The colors seem to blend and melt into infinity.

Brave Pegasus (seen on motor) is looking after us as we speed towards LAX- Los Angeles.

Wishing you all to see something beautiful beyond you.


24 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Beyond

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you, Merci. It was time for a makeover.
      You would have loved the views flying to California. Looking at the Rockies and going “oooh!”. Never say never in life; maybe one day for you xox

  1. Okay Barb, first I have to say that I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG TEMPLATE!

    Fabulous, my friend. Simply faaaaaaaaabulous! I really allows for your photos to POP and be seen in all their splendor!

    And speaking of shots….this one is AWESOME!! I absolutely love the way you captured both the wing of the plane AND the breathtaking view below!

    *two enthusiastic thumbs up*

    And I adore this….

    “I am who I am because there is a beyond in my life.”


    Great post, my friend!

    X and hugs to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Hey there! Thank you, my dear!! You noticed that I tried changing just the color scheme of the older template… Hummm; nice. But, I needed new things for a new year. Voilà!
      I am glad that this pulled off so nicely.

      I was very happy to share this aerial shot and my feelings behind it. I love it when I can wink at my friends the Rockies!
      I am touched that you enjoyed this.

      Lots of love down to Philly xox

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      My sincere Thanks – two times over.
      It is nice to start off with a fresh look. The challenge is keeping me creative and busy.
      Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Awwhh; Thank you so much! Every time, both of us take turns leaning over, so the other can sneak in a few shots. I so enjoy looking over and beyond!

  2. Wow! I thought I’d wandered into a new web log! *laughing* Had to check to make sure I was in the right spot. My goodness–how clean and neat and easy. And the header photo really got my attention. And not just because I thought I’d landed in a foreign place. LOL It’s awesome. Lovely colours with a dreamy quality that just held my stare.

    And the one of the Rockies is cool–especially with the little flying pegasus included. What a view from the window seat!
    There’s a whole world of ‘beyond’. And I so enjoy getting away from ME while I’m exploring it and discovering and playing. It doesn’t involve plane rides very often–but when it does, the ride takes me to people near and dear to my heart…..and more adventures.
    Tough living so far from the connectedness of family sometimes.
    But connecting to the beyond makes for wonderful adventures over and over again.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Gotcha, babe! I probably would have done a “double take” if you had done some changes!!
      Thank you so much. I enjoy the “minimalist” look; like a photo album. I don’t want clashing colors against the photos. It was really fun going “shopping” and going to the template changing rooom… sometimes trying and going “Ewwhh; get me out of this”, or “Humm… we shall see”.

      You are so right… beyond is not always in an airplane or another country. Beyond can be anywhere, even in one’s imagination or creations. You know about the fam that can live beyond and it is hard keeping up. We do our darn best and thrown in tons of love.

      You take care See ya soon!!

  3. Hi Brigitte,
    Welcome to my home!
    I am so glad that you enjoyed this. It makes you want to go back, doesn’t it?
    I was so glad to chat with you today, sweetie.
    Take care xox

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your kind words. It was a blast to do aerial shots! My hubby & I always are asking for a window seat. Sometimes, we get lucky with the shots(depending on the weather)!

  4. Great photo and especially love the thoughts about homeland and beyond — so poignant and true. Hope you are planning your next grand adventure (and keeping warm in Paris!).

    Cheers and take care xxoo

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    Bienvenue à Paris! I am glad that you & Clive are back. I hope that you are enjoying snowy Paris. It certainly has been a challenge! I have even been doing my duties of clearing & salting the sidewalk in front of our home. That goes with the season…
    Hoping to see you soon. Be well and take it easy.

  6. Hi Michael & Larissa,
    Nice to see you, my friend!
    Thank you so much. I am not an aeronautic expert at all; maybe we just got lucky and found a new design model :).
    I so enjoy peeking down onto land. The earth is also a marvelous place seen from above.
    Cheers down to Philly!

  7. Hi Peter,
    Welcome! Thank you so much. Yes, aerial photography is a challenge! I can bomb out depending on where the seat is and the weather. Humble Thanks for the header photo. It was shot going from Honolulu- San Diego in early evening. Magical moment 🙂

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