Breaking out the light tent

Here I am in the preps before starting an experiment in photography with a light tent! I did after all, resolve myself to work with different types of light in Photography. Here is one; light from the use of a light tent. This is a nice indoor activity for winter days…

But, maybe you don’t know what a light tent is. So, let there be light…

A light tent is a structure that you can use to isolate small objects for Photography. You can buy inexpensive models or make your own out of a cardboard box. Photographing under a tent will give you more flattering results than if you just used flash or existing ambient lighting.


Below you have a commercial light tent and two household lights. The lighting part is not professional at all but, both lights will be turned on and placed on both sides of the tent.

This week, I will be putting little objects inside (I decided on  a few objects brought home from our travels) and doing a couple of shots.

Come back soon and see what turns out!!


12 thoughts on “Breaking out the light tent

  1. Remember if you can’t stop getting an overexposed image and you don’t mind loosing some dof pull the lights back! It’s way easier than killing your self metering all day! What iso will you be shooting on? Oh and are you shooting some shinny stuff? I always had a hard time using the reflector cards to hide me and the camera! That’s when you are ok with a few min of shop work! Happy shooting!

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Thanks so much for your tips. Studio photography is so new for me. I usually am outside with landscapes or in places.
      I am going to experiment with the distance for the lights. As for ISO, I am going to start low (say 400) and work up to see what is best. I haven’t used reflector cards yet but, one of these days I will try outdoor portraits with hubs and we will see how fun that can be.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Oh boy………you’re getting really technical here. Yes, I know it’s probably worth it for the shot you end up with. I’m hoping that’s true……and I’m waiting in bated anticipation to see what the end results are.
    NOT that I’ll go out and buy a tent (I think we have one, come to think of it–just not a ‘photography tent’. *laughing* I’m thinking that’d be fun to set up in the kitchen though!

    k…..seriously–I’ll wait and be awestruck by the results! 🙂

  3. Hey Mel,
    Oooh; I got an audience; LOL :). Give me two days to start shooting and tinkering and I will post back-pronto.
    I really don’t want to make a speciality of this; I am just trying new things and staying warm. You can take a cardboard box and make a light “tent” ( go google DIY light test). Very dooable. This commercial tent was D’s idea, and it is just being used now after a spell in the closet.

    We will do for fun tent photos; see ya soon, babe xox

  4. Hiya Barb!

    What an interesting and informative post! I have never heard of a ‘light tent’ before, so I found this utterly fascinating!

    I’m sooooooooo eagerly anticipating your photos results later this week!

    Thanks so much for sharing this bit of photography info. I’m learning so much from your blog!

    ((((((( You )))))))

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Now, D bought this “surprise” for me in an electronics supply catalog, At the time, I had no idea a) what it was, b) what it was used for. But, I have done my homework.
      So, we are all learning together ;).
      I have been going on a “Scavenger hunt” for my treasures to go under the tent. Stay tuned ( insert Soap opera like organ music, here…).


    1. Salut Zhu,
      It sounds like a lot of fun during this cold & snowy weather.I could see you doing this in the winter in Ottawa with baby Mark!!
      Stay warm and enjoy that beautiful baby 🙂

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