The French anniversary post

1 February marks what I call my « anniversaire Français » or the date of arrival in France. In my case it was: 1 February, 1990.

I arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport, carrying my wordly posssesions; a small suitcase and a cardboard box. I remember the customs agent pulling me over and giving me the “second degree” about the box.

To the intention of Customs, only… Always beware of dangerous winter clothes that come in booby trapped cardboard boxes. 🙂

I have to buy myself a slice of French pastry today, “just because”. 🙂
Unfortunately, I can’t share pastry with you guys, so I will leave you with a few photos that have a France feeling…


Double take on the Eiffel tour.


Lovers at the Rodin museum, Paris. This photo had already been featured last year.


Jams and delicacies galore…


Old wooden home, Place Plumereau, Tours.


A quiet corner, Rodin museum, Paris.


Under the marroniers/Chestnut trees, Parc de Sceaux in the Paris suburbs.


Boats on the Vienne river, at Chinon in Touraine.

Have a wonderful Friday. I will be back soon with the weekly photo challenge and a little photo experiment that I will talk about next week.

A bientôt, les amis/ See you soon, friends!


16 thoughts on “The French anniversary post

  1. Wonderful! All the photos are fabulous. The first one is particularly stunning. I love Joanne Harris’ books because most of them are set in France and evoke the feelings your photos convey……magic!

    1. Hi Bij,
      Merci! I had a happy time going through my archives and finding France photos. I want to do more France photos this year! I had to google Joanne Harris because I am SO out of it in litterature. Cool read!
      Have a great weekend, my friend 🙂

  2. So lovely…as it is 13 below zero in Minnesota this morning- I choose to imagine I am in Paris, enjoying a stroll, a pastry…

    1. Hi Stina,
      Wow, 13 below; baby it is C-O-L-D outside! I got to see with my cousins how they are up North. Yes, the beauty of virtual travel; just tune out and tune into whereever you want to be.
      And a pastry during virtual travel is good, too! 🙂

  3. Wow.
    First of all, congratulations on your 23 year anniversary! 23 years is a whole lifetime. Quite the decision to pick your life, put it in a suitcase and a cardboard box and move it all to a new country. (I say this knowing it wasn’t ONE cardboard box for he-who-moved-his-life….LOL)
    WOW. The photos are phenomenal. I wouldn’t know which to pick for a favorite! The lone chair by the window really grabbed me though.
    I’ll have to stare at these more than once, soyaknow.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you, dear!!
      Yes, you said it; a whole lifetime.
      It was a major decision (that I won’t burden this blog with) but I could sum it up by Nike “Just DO IT”. And, it was done!
      OK; I did live stuff behind( that was taken care of later). I brang very little over.
      I won’t judge Mr. HIM; some folks need to ship boxes over and that is their right.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos, hon xox

  4. I am not only jealous but ENVIOUS!!! I love america I LOVE being an AMERICAN but I would need to go to France for at least 2 years to REALLY get it in my blood and not be completely Overwhelmed by her beauty. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And enjoy your pastry!

    1. Thank you, Jasmine!
      I understand your thinking ( You don’t want to have s.o. post on your blog “America,Love it or leave it).
      I also LOVE my country and am SO proud of being American. But, I chose to open myself to another country’s experience.
      That does not make me less of an American; only a more broad minded one( and I am STILL a US citizen and not a dual).

      I would not throw out your dream. Knowing that you are a Mommy, you might have to put it aside for awhile. May I suggest that one day, you start with a small bite ( a summer in France studying French,cooking,art or whatever you enjoy).

      Don’t throw out your dream; keep it burning!
      Love to you.

  5. I love the second picture!

    I knew you had been living in France for a while but I had never realized it had been that long. Gosh, I was 7 years old in 1990 😆 You probably know France better than I do!

    1. Hi Zhu,
      I could say that I feel old now….
      I could say that you are much younger
      I am just grateful that the internet could bring us together in friendship.
      Bises à la Française 🙂

  6. Happy Franciversary, my dear. ♥

    1990 was the year my China Adventures began (later in the year, that August). 🙂 I never could have guessed back then that my adventures would come to include France, too. Today, by coincidence, marks six months from when I came back to Denver. It’s gone all too quickly.

    Huge hugs from Denver.

    1. Hi Karin,
      Thank you, my beautiful friend.
      Oh my Goodness; 1990 was a brave year for the 2 of us! Wow, the start of your China adventures( could there be a book in the works one day?:)).
      Time does its work by making the sand in that hourglass slide by so quickly… Six months already! I just know that the next six months will be even better and positive for you.

      Sending lots of positive vibes to Denver. Buy a bottle of some bubbly to drink later this summer to mark one year!

  7. “1 February marks what I call my « anniversaire Français » or the date of arrival in France. In my case it was: 1 February, 1990.”

    HAPPY 23rd Anniversary, Barb! WOW….I can’t believe how long you’ve been living in France!!

    Stunning photos, my friend! That first one is BEYOND gorgeous!

    Each one of these photos gives us such a glorious feeling of what it must be like there. Just glorious!

    Thanks for sharing, Barb!. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    (((((((( You )))))))

    Much X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, babe. You are so welcome for the photos. I tell ya, I am going to do more France pics this year! D and I are talking about sidetrips to do from March on. Stay tuned…
      Just where the heck does time fly? It feels almost like yesterday. You didn’t say where you were in 1990 but I suspect that you were in Florida at that time. Under the sunshine 🙂

      I am glad that you enjoyed. Big hugs to ya. xoxo

  8. Happy “anniversaire Français ” 23 years .. how fab .. you were on a big adventure and it all worked out well 🙂 which is fab .. :-)/

    What was I doing in 1990 ?? Trying to sort my life out and my boys were obviously 23 years younger .. 🙂 .. 🙂 .. and 4 years ago (we met) me and you 🙂 .. xoxo

    1. Hi Anne,
      Merci! My sincere Thanks for your kind words. It was indeed a BIG BIG adventure for me. I am so grateful that it has been so rich in experiences and people. I have not been unhappy and that is the most important thing.
      It sounds like your sons were young lads in 1990. You had a lot of responsibilites, I think. Looking at your boy’s pic, they have grown up and you have a beautiful family. Another type of happiness to enjoy.

      And much later on we became friends. I am grateful to call you my friend.

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