Weekly photo challenge: Unique


This is a very old paper photograph. The original is with my sister.

Its uniqueness comes from the fact that this is the only childhood image of my Grandfather ( who was dubbed “Grossy” by his grandkids) that exists in our family. Grandfather was named  John and he was born in Philadelphia in 1887. John was the taller kid on the right, next to his younger  brother, Edward. The boys had third brother and they were all Philadelphia born.

It inspires a lot of wonder in me because of the photograph’s age and of course, because of the subjects. Old photographs such as these are very unique when compared to the digital era. While I can take as many “digital copies” of this photograph, there will only be one original photograph.

The one, the unique!

I looked up the type of photograph this is. This is called a ” card mounted photograph” and was used during the 1880s- early 1900’s. It fits. I am guessing that Granddad would have been 8-10 years old in this photo.

I will leave you with the words of Nan Nan (Grandmother)  on back of the photo. Because Nan Nan took the time to write a message on the back for to the intention of either my Dad or my Aunt V.  I am keeping the original spelling…

“If that isn’t a neglected child That your Dad believe it or not. Little boy is Dad’s brother Edward.”. He( note: Granddad) had a hard life I do know it”.

Yes, Nan Nan, we are all listening :).

Happy weekend to all.


16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unique

  1. Hi Mrs T,
    Welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we are blessed to have this photograph. Old family photos are indeed a treasure! I could look at old photos hours on…
    Have a nice day!

  2. The comment written on the back is fascinating! I don’t have any photos of my grandparents, although I’m certain my parents have a few hidden around somewhere.

    1. Hi Bij,
      I am glad that you enjoyed this.
      There was actually a little more written but… it got a bit more personal.
      Lets just say that Nan Nan loved her man :).
      I think that your parents probably have photos. In all due respect, it is NOW ( when your parents can talk about whp is in the photos) that you might want to ask them to break them out .
      Happy weekend!

      1. Oh I’ve asked! My mom is just seriously disorganized and doesn’t know where anything is. I’ve volunteered to make photo albums for her and I even bought her some albums, but she refuses to comply!

      2. Hi Bijoux,
        We can’t say that you didn’t try! Some people are reluctant to go over over photos or don’t find it interesting.
        Hoping that the Winds change for you… Knowing how much you and your kids could connect to your old family photos.

        Keep the faith! X

  3. Oh, that comment on the back says the world, huh?
    Amazing that you have photos of your family–notsomuch here. Maybe that’s why my love for plopping on the floor and rifling through boxes of unnamed photos at the antique stores I like to visit. Seriously–the smell is awesome and the photos are just eerily something that draw me in.
    On occasion I leave with one. Mostly, I just pet them and wonder and wish them peace.
    Odd, eh? :-/

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yes, that comment hits me hard…I feel a lot and I feel a lot of misery in there.
      Some families are not very much of photo takers. Back in this era, it was more or less costly to have photos taken; But, it is sad for the descendants to have little or nothing.
      You have a lot of love in you,Mel. No, it is not crazy to wish the spirts of the peeps in the photo well. Bless you for spending time with them.

      P.S. The next time you go to Cali to see sis, go to Ocean beach. Antiques mecca! Many stores have old photos, too!!

  4. I looooooooooooooove this photo, Barb!!!!!

    And it’s funny because I have several of these vintage photos myself, of my mother and father when they were kids living in Philly. And what a wonderful FEEL these photos have because you can imagine yourself back in that time. It’s magical!

    “Old photographs such as these are very unique when compared to the digital era. ”

    Ain’t that the truth? I love and appreciate digital photography, but there is nothing like holding a real photograph in your hand 🙂

    Love the words on the back of this photo! What a treasure!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank, you hon! I knew that this one would just knock your socks off!
      Yes, old photos are magical. These are the granddadies of our digital photos.
      Wow, how special is that to have childhood photos of your parents!
      i have lots of my Dad, and none of my Mom;
      Paper photos are “feeling”. They have a touch, a scent, a color.
      Truly special, esp when the people are our loved ones.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend. A very happy weekend to ya!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for your visit.
      You are so right! This one is an heirloom. Fortunately, my sister has all of the oldies and will be holding on to them.
      Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Hey there Brigitte,
      Sorry that I missed your call; we were out yesterday.
      I thank you very much. Alll photo moments are fleeting and these vintage ones are extra special.
      I am proud of my family and my American roots run deep.
      Happy weekend!

  5. Hi Joycelyn,
    It’s nice to see you! I love old photos, too. I could plunge into them hours on end… Yes, they do have a soul that is unique. Thy need to be held, admired and cared for.
    This photo is probably the oldest existing photo in our family. Thank you for your kind words.

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