Hands on learning: Ten shots

This is another fun exercise to take better photos.

It just teaches you to observe one thing and find ten ways to shoot it. Because there is never just one vision of anything.

It is not as simple as this may seem. But, it is a way to “break on to the other side”that is named creativity.

Here is the text. It comes from an article called 3 workouts to improve your photography:  http://digital-photography-school.com/3-workouts-to-improve-your-photography


Ten shots, one subject
This workout works almost the opposite of the second exercise, but it has a similar purpose—keep shooting to capture the perfect shot.

To practice this technique, find one subject and work to capture ten photos of that same subject before leaving. I recognized the need for this exercise while teaching my photography students landscape photography in Naples, Florida. We went to shoot the famous Naples Fishing Pier, but, not to my surprise, all of the students set up their tripods at the exact same spot immediately upon arriving at the beach. Their photo included all of the pier and the sunset behind it. This was a perfectly reasonable composition, but the students had a difficult time thinking of new ways to photograph the pier in an interesting way.

I asked the students to all take 10 different shots of the pier. They struggled at first, but eventually ended up with beautiful photos. They photographed tiny details on the pier, captured photos of the water splashing up against the pier pilings, and shot the pier as a silhouette against the sunset. Soon the students discovered their initial photo of the subject was not quite as strong as the photos they took as they forced themselves to try new things.

When something captures your eye, don’t leave until you have shot that same subject in ten different ways.

As you practice your photography skills rather than simply shooting and hoping to improve, you will feel more confident in your ability to come out of any shoot with creative and technically-correct photos.
Here are my ten. They were taken in front of a regional theater.

I am honing some skills before D & I take a day trip next March ;).












13 thoughts on “Hands on learning: Ten shots

  1. Oh OH!! Five and seven!! Seriously–this is one I’m prone to do when I find myself at a ‘same spot’, different day. I go for the differences…..the small things. YEAH me!! LOL And I thought it was just me being ‘bored’ going to the same places. It’s amazing what I can come home with……and it’s also amazing what I miss while he-who-also-has-a-camera grabs his own shots. Dangit. LOL
    JUST more proof that it’s a BIG world, huh?

    OH! Ohhhhhh…an adventure!!! 🙂
    What fun!
    I’ll just…….sit and watch the snow pile up. LOLOL You and D enjoy your adventure!

    1. Oh……..P.S.

      I read the article–the very thought of settling for one photo and deleting the rest as I take them…..scares the byjeepers outta me. What if they LOOK good on the wee screen and when I download ’em they’re fuzzy and they suck?!
      (yes, I’m THAT anal!!!!!!!)

      1. Hey Mel,
        I don’t use that moment yet, either! That one takes a lot of mastery of one’s shooting before considering doing it.
        Stay well X.

    2. Hey there Mel,
      Isn’t this a blast?! Try it when you will be physically able( a summer assignment).
      No, you are not into a boring series problem- you already know that you have to do multiple views of one subject.
      You are on the right track, babe 🙂

  2. Barb, I’m lovin’ this exercise you shared with us! So often when we see an interesting image to capture, we only see it one way.

    “When something captures your eye, don’t leave until you have shot that same subject in ten different ways.”

    Yes, I’m definitely going to try that the next time something catches my eye.

    Terrific 10 ten photos, my friend! And what I especially like about them is that a few of them don’t even look like they’re shots from the same building!

    Well done, Barb!

    And again, thanks so much for sharing this exercise!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      I am happy that you enjoyed this one. Really a significant exercise!
      I love the fact that there are many helpful resources online to help us learn and progress. Not to mention e-books, paper books or classes.

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad if I could inspire you for your work.
      Big hugs to ya xox

  3. Salut Zhu,,
    Thank you! I think that this building is very good photographic material. I tried doing an older building(stone) and a tower. The theater came out the best!
    Yes indeed, those lines are hypnotic. I have two photos that seem alike but, the angle has changed the lines. Just by moving a few steps!


    1. Joycelyn,
      This is a really good exercise. Even with an iphone or small compact camera. There are so many digital “toys” and with the phones, people can photograph all the time if they like.
      See you soon!

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