Phoneography challenge: my neighborhood

This week, I was challenged to use an iphone to photograph my neighborhood. That is what that fancy word “Phoneography” is about. This was a unique challenge for me… Because, I don’t own one. But, my hubby (D )has one and was kind enough to let me use his. He loves his iphone and photographs all the time with it. I usually don’t  photograph anything with it. Except this time.

So, I did it…

We are in the Southern suburbs in Paris, France. In the “département”(this is roughly equivalent to a state in the US) called the “Hauts-de-Seine”. This is all just a few miles from Paris.

Bold lines of pedestrian crossing and the shopping center. By iphone 4S.


Vacated spaces at the “autolib”/electric rental car area and street leading to the intersection. By iphone 4S

By iphone 4S. A grassy spot that is across the street from the shopping mall.


By iphone 4S.
Colorful mural outside the pizza shop. The road leads up to the grassy area where the flowering trees are.

I couldn’t help but sneak in a Nikon DSLR shot:


By Nikon D50.
A filling station for the electric rental cars. This was early in the morning.


10 thoughts on “Phoneography challenge: my neighborhood

  1. Wow! A filling station for electric cars is not something you see in America! I can’t believe the trees are flowering already! We are a month or more away from that. Nice shots.

    1. HI Bijoux,
      Yes! The Vellib electric car station is a recent invention. Drivers can rent a car for the day in their neighborhood. Some days, there are no cars left.
      Those are the first flowering trees that I have seen here. They gave the ‘hood a Springtime look.
      Thanks for the kind words. I was definately out of my comfort zone!
      Take care x.

  2. Your phone takes good pictures!

    I remember your area being pretty pedestrian-friendly. I liked it actually, just a short ride from the Paris craziness yet peaceful and suburban in a good kind of way.

    1. Salut Zhu,
      I think that the iphone takes very good photos. It can even take panoramic pics.We are a cool quarter, much less hurried than Paris but less than a half hour away.from the French capital. Pedestrians are taken care of too!
      Bises xox

  3. Well done, Barb!

    You know, it amazes me the quality of photographs ‘ve seen from an iPhone. There is a blog I read in which the author takes photos from her iPhone and it blows me away because they look as though she took them from a Canon or Nikon.

    Love the shot of the grassy spot and the flowering tree! Also, that last shot of the electric rental cars is STELLAR!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Wishing you a most awesome week!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey the there buddy,
      Merci, my dear. D just ADORES his iphone camera. It is really easy to use and a very good quality. There are bloggers who only use there iphone and added goodies like the instagram.
      Thank you for the kind words too about the Nikon shot. I always have to sneak in a black box photo! I AM a black box girl!!
      I had a nice moment with this phone. I read that this Phoneography challenge runs all month so, we shall just be stepping out f the comfort zone a bit :).
      Hugs down to Philly xox

  4. From a phone, eh? On occasion, I shoot one from my little phone–usually of the small child….she’s such a wiggle worm and I’m so excited about being in that energy, I leave the camera in the car. Oy… These photos with D’s phone–wow! The mural is outstanding, the clarity, colours, angle–and the fact that it’s a cool mural. LOL And I love how the streets are clearly marked there. Dunno what they’re marked WITH cuz I know NO French, but it’s clear! 😉
    I’ll try not to be envious of the flowering tree shot. Woke up to snow on the ground again this morning. RAWR!

    And I laughed at the last photo, cuz it’s something we’ve yet to see here. I think it’s because we’re so….BIG. But they’re soooooooo cute lined up, hooked up with their little cords. LOLOL I WANT ONE. I’d never make it to the next town..LOL…but I still want one!

    Sounds like D’ll have to fork over that phone a few more times. Or… you with your own iPhone!

    1. Hi Mel,
      It’s nice to see you! It’s our turn to be snow bound in France( not the piddly sprinkling a few weeks ago_ a few inches more).
      Camera phones are new for me. The only time that I used this one before was when I had to shoot D’s pic; but that’s it.
      Awwwhh; the little girl is a “black box girl” in the making. Girl power!
      I am sure that she rocks!

      The mural is the most colorful thing in the ‘hood; that’s why I took it. Colors are usually on the bland side in the homes; brick reds, beiges, greys…Yes, the streets have lots of ped xings and signs galore. They love signs here :).

      Take care, sweetie! xo

  5. I have enjoyed looking at your photos, iphone and black box! I love the 10 shots exercise and have kind of been using that as I try to improve my photos. I can see that I have by looking back at my blog! I’m going to work harder at the 10 shots.

    I am very tempted by the iphone. My daughter uses one and takes some super shots.

    All the best to you; you have a new follower! 🙂

    1. Hi there!
      Welcome to my (now snowy) blog home. Thank you for following too! You can of course, look back and see places traveled and whatever else that I threw in. I am black box first but I did get out of my comfort zone to photograph on iphone.
      I am so glad if I could inspire you to do 10 shots. I am looking for all types of experiments and exercises. I will share them ( and of course, do them) as we advance towards Spring. I also post every Friday a photo post link.

      Hoping to see you soon!

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