For Sue

This is not my story. But it touches my heart profoundly.

I saw it on the blog of my good friend, Mel. It come from a Tumblr post by Terri and passed on to Mel. It is a true story about Sue, who is Terri’s friend. Sue is battling cancer.

When I hear the word “cancer” I am reactivated. I will just say that I lost my Dad to cancer almost 15 years ago.

I put a sparkle into Dad’s eyes by being there for him. I want to do the same for Sue.

I am sharing two photos for Sue on this post. Both were taken during yesterday’s snowfall.  I have been having a field day yesterday and this morning with snow photos!!

These two photos are dedicated to you, Sue.

If anyone wants to make a post for Sue on your blog feel free to cut and paste the part below. Or go on Terri’s blog to say Hi to Sue.

Just a gentle ripple of kindness…

SHave a beautiful day


” One and one together can overcome the cold of the day”.



how much of the story do i tell? i’ve talked about it here before, and yet, it’s not my story, so i want to be careful with it…..and yet if you’re gonna help, like i hope you will, you need pieces of it to understand.

i met her when i was first starting out with bone sighs. at a festival. she was first starting out on a new journey herself. she was a lot younger than i was, but she connected with the bone sighs and we enjoyed each other right from the start.

it’s been over ten years now and we’ve only gotten closer. seein’ each other here and there. lately tho, there’s been a pretty big tug that’s been pulling us closer.

she has cancer. pretty darn bad. and is on her last ditch effort to beat it.

she’s in her thirties. way too young. and battling hard.

she just began a really rough clinical trial. where they plan on blasting the daylights outta her, and somehow (forgive my non-medical talk) swapping out her current immune system, training new cells to fight the cancer, and shooting the new adapted stuff into her, hopefully to create a whole new kinda immune system.

it’s her last hope from the medical community, and as you can imagine, it’s one heck of a thing to go thru.

she’s currently getting blasted with chemo. and i think it’s about as rough as it gets.

when we were last together, she explained the procedure to me. i immediately went to the star visual i use for myself a lot. picturing stars inside me.

i mentioned it to her. ‘when they shoot the new stuff into you, maybe you can picture them shooting stars inside you,’ i offered.

and we started talking about the star visuals. i immediately thought of my on-line community.

what if i asked everywhere, everyone, if they’d join her? join me? in visualizing stars inside her?! what if we surrounded her in light and she knew it?!

it could only help. it could only only only help.

and so…….i want to post this everywhere i can……….i want to ask anyone who feels inclined to, to go ahead and share it…….and i wanted to ask people to figure out some kinda thing that works for them where they could, on a regular basis, think of my friend, and picture her insides filling with bright beautiful stars.

i’m not sure you need to actually ‘see’ her……..but if it helps, she’s in her 30’s, shes got short blonde hair, and the most beautiful smile you ever want to eyes these days, tho they try to smile along with her mouth, are very sad. she has a wicked funny sense of humor, and is using it at every turn to get thru all that she needs to get thru.

her name is sue.

and she actually does twinkle anyway…….so visualizing stars shining in her and

out of her, isn’t that hard.

will you join me?



“Remember that behind the snow, the bud is preparing to blossom.”


8 thoughts on “For Sue

    1. My dear Mel,
      It is all very easy and simple for me. I would not be my father’s child if I did not feel anything when I read your post.
      That’s how simple it is.

      You are so welcome, girlfirend (((((((( Mel)))))))))
      Back to ya!!

  1. Oh Barb, what a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes. And I can’t thank you enough for sharing it because it touched me deeply, having gone through this same thing with my mother last year.

    “what if i asked everywhere, everyone, if they’d join her? join me? in visualizing stars inside her?! what if we surrounded her in light and she knew it?!”

    You better believe I will, because I know first hand the power of visualizing energy/light/stars surrounding someone. It WORKS!

    (((((((((((( ********Sue******** )))))))))))))

    Your photos are stunning, my friend. Simply stunning! And PERFECT for this post because they contain stars, light….and MAGIC!

    (((((((((( You )))))))))

    X ya!

    1. Hey Ron,
      Oh my dear, this post fell on me like a brick house…
      You understand this with your Mom. I am just keeping the compassion and love here and sharing it with dear Sue.
      Yes, this could be an “avalanche” of sparklies; stories,poems,photos, artwork anything bright and beautiful.

      You know like I the power of LOVE to heal and empower, like Louise HAY. Thank you for your kind words about the photos. I chilled myself and the Nikon to create. No problem- all for art and joy!!

      Luv ya tons, dude xoxoxo

  2. Hi Barb,
    My heart goes out to Sue as it also brings back memories of my mom when she was suddenly and quickly consumed by cancer 7 years ago. I honored her date of passing just last month and still cannot suppress that pain of having lost her just like that.

    I came here looking for your email but just remembered that you should be in my contact list so I’ll check and send off an email. There’s a topic that I’d like to make you aware of in case you didn’t know.

    1. Hi Rowena,
      It’s nice to see you here :).
      OMG; we both understand and can give our deep Aloha to Sue. Yes, I have a “puka”( hole) in me where Dad was but, he lives on in me.
      I don’t have my contact info here but, I found your’s… You now have a PM in your inbox. 🙂
      Many Thanks for your visit.


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