Weekly photo challenge: Future Tense

This post seems a contradiction after my previous post (where I talked about being here and now). But, today I will for just a moment let the future tense in:

Two flags, Canadian & a Quebec fly in the futuristic setting of the Paris expo hall during the annual Travel fair ( that was last weekend). This was once again taken with D’s iphone.


My regulars are going to know what this is about… Yes, we will be going(again) to Canada! In August 2014, to be more exact.


So, now you guys know. No details for now. All that is “Under construction”, as they say.

If you happen to be in Canada(there is already Zhu who is from Ottawa), Hi to you, too!

Have a happy week and see you guys in your “future tense” moments 🙂


16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Future Tense

    1. Oh, I wish to revisit Japan one day. I went to Yokohama a very long time ago(when I was a child). I must use the future tense to save more money;also :).
      Have a happy day.

  1. Yahoooo….you’re going to Canada again!!!!

    So looking forward to your photos, Barb! I do hope you’ll be going to Quebec because that place is stunning!

    Happy Monday, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      How are ya, babe?
      Yes! You guys have our newly formed travel plans for next year. Quebec shall surely be in there but, were are at the planning stage. Everything is to come! Yes, more photos of everything!!
      Thanks for dropping in, my friend. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      We are pretty excited by the thought of it!! But, like I said to Ronnie, no plans- we are planning. So, I can’t say where this will all be at this time.

      Take care.

    1. Hi Mitize,
      Yes! And it will really start to get more exciting once we locked in our ticket.
      When the reservation is set, that’s when it starts to get real!
      Let the planning begin…we have time to study our books and online sites.
      Cheers and have a great evening 😉

  2. I hope you have as much fun planning as doing the trip! Our special holiday after retiring from teaching was to Canada in September. We had a fantastic time taking in a train ride North from Banff, walking up hills and seeing the most beautiful mountains and lakes, a ferry down the Inside Passage, seeing bears, going to Vancouver Island and finishing in Vancouver. I wish you the best trip ever! 🙂

    1. Hi “Pretty Mum” ,
      Wow; you and your husband had one beautiful trip! My hubby & I have not been towards the West of Canada. Your trip sounded wonderful :). You were so right in treating yourself to this trip. I always say to D(my hubby” that “as long as we have enough money and good health, I am traveling!”.
      Cheers to you :).

      1. Hi!
        How marvelous!! Ooooh; I will love to see those photos. I have been to Boston once. I loved the Historical sites. Then, I was in Maine for about 5 days
        New England is gorgeous. Excellent choice of destination. Cheers!

  3. Oh my…..you must be excited, the both of you! How wonderful for a return trip! And in the fall to capture the colours or at least at the ending of summer when flowers are at their peak. How wonderful.
    I could soooooooo use a roadtrip. *sigh*
    OH…but I can get in my car! And he-who-does-everything noted “you can go take pictures of the sunset”….oh how well he knows me. LOLOL

  4. Hi Mel,
    We are happy but the excitement will really feel like it is “whipping up” as we get to Dec and then 2014.
    I don’t have my crystal ball on hand( it’s at the cleaner’s)…hehehe… but, I forsee you returning towards the sea and your sweet sister. In the meanwhile, the open roads and later, trails are all yours!!
    Hugs to ya xox

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