The house of the rising sun

These were photos from last week’s Paris tourist fair.
My last post with the Weekly photo challenge had a comment by Cocomino (who is Japanese). This made me think about D’s photos taken at the Japan tourist board stand.


A Geisha. What a beauty she is…


The most beautiful decoration of the stands with pink cherry blossoms (sakura) and a traditional parasol.


D met up with a samurai. He had lots of character!

D used the Nikon and I had the iphone for my last iphone photo challenge of March( see following post, with the Canadian & Quebec flags).

I have personally been to Japan once as a child many years ago. I would love to return one day!!

I will see everyone soon for the next weekly photo challenge.

Happy weekend and a very blessed Easter to all.

6 thoughts on “The house of the rising sun

    1. Salut Zhu,
      I agree that the Japan tourist board did a great job. They had many different animations and lots of ambiance.
      I can’t help but be fascinated by Japan with my family history. I would love to go back one day…

  1. “I have personally been to Japan once as a child many years ago. I would love to return one day!!”

    Well, as you know, I lived in Japan for a summer and ADORED it! The Japanese are truly the most lovely people I’ve ever met. Their culture is one that we could ALL learn from. And the country itself is magnificent! So yes, I would love to return one day as well.

    Great photos, Barb! The one of the Geisha is stunning!

    Happy Easter, dear friend! Have a glorious weekend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ron,
      Well, I thought of you also, as I was writing the draft. I know how much living in Japan for a summer marked you. I am sure that it was one of the most moving experiences of your life.
      I had the experience of traditional Japanese familes(e.g. my Mom’s), the bathouses, food, travel and so many things. I was old enought to remember for example, going past Mt Fuji or buying chocolate eclairs at the “Mom & Pop” store underneath our apartment.

      It was wonderful to have you here. Happy Easter, honey!

  2. Wow–now that looks like a good time! I love the cherry blossoms–and the dress clothes are just phenomenal. Wow. What a fun thing to go to and see up close and personal.

    I aspire for so little….LOL….just show me grass for goodness sakes!
    Yeah, well… I want a Geisha and a parasol! 😉

    1. Hey Mel,

      Thank you; I’ll pass on your impressions to my better half 😉 We always have a good moment(freebie, too; we get free invites every year!) discovering music, displays, brochures and enjoying the cultures of different countries.
      Humm… Advertising works. Now, we could pack off a Geisha, a parasol and little goodies to the USA for your great enjoyment! Ask Ron all about that; he did a WHOLE SUMMER there( I just had about two weeks).
      Bye for now, sweetie xox

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