Light it up blue!

I am adding this photo today to show my support to the World Autism awareness day.
Two special youngsters in my life are autistic, including my niece.

This is the idea of an association called “Light it up blue“.

Around the world, many public buildings or structures will be blue. Thank you, dear Rita, for sharing me the news about the George Washington Bridge and JFK Airport Control Tower to be lighted up blue during the entire month of April.

If you see any buildings lighted blue, they could be showing their support for autism. There will be many many shows of support around the world by individuals, families, companies and the like today and during the whole month of April

I don’t know if the Eiffel tower will be lighted blue, but I did my own version with one of my favorite Eiffel shots:


I ‘am leaving you with a link if you are so inclined to read to learn “What is autism?”. Do you really know Autism?
Because knowledge is power!


10 thoughts on “Light it up blue!

    1. Hi Bij,
      My niece is 3 years old and autistic. She has up to now, not spoken yet. You are also closely touched by a spectrum child. Good for your post to come. I will look forward to it!

  1. Oh, what a wonderful thing–I’m glad to hear there’s some big support going on. Sometimes they just can’t be bothered, so it’s awesome to hear they DID.
    Wonderful photo in the blue. NOW I’m going to have to go find my pin and proudly wear it.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Oh yes; some people may be scared off by disease or anything this is out of the zone that is “normal”. I have two spectrum kids in my life( not my own children) so I am involved.
      clap-clap- wear your blue and support the blue wave where you live.

  2. Awesome post, Barb! And your timing is perfect because I just spoke to my dear friend, Diana, in Florida, who’s son is autistic and she and I were talking about he’s doing.

    “I don’t know if the Eiffel tower will be lighted blue, but I did my own version with one of my favorite Eiffel shots”


    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend! And you’re right….knowledge is power!

    (((((( You ))))))


    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Thank you my dear. Yes, I believe that you mentionned that you have close friends that have an adult autistic son. Bless these parents for going beyond the call.
      It was my pleasure for creating and sharing.

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      You are very welcome :).
      I can say that having these children in my life in the last 3 years has raised my awraeness.
      Hoping that you find the article interesting.

  3. I wasn’t even aware of World Autism awareness until now, so thanks for putting the word out with this photo (which, btw, is lovely with the tower’s reflection on the ground).

  4. Hi Rowena,
    I just learned this in March. One of the good things of having a blog is that we can build awareness of topics. Using the black box ties it all in nicely.
    Thank you for your kind words and see you soon.

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