A trip through the tube

It has been awhile since I posted about a photo link. How about a refreshing trip through some of the planet’s greatest ocean playgrounds?

Try this one for size:


Go to “Gallery” and scroll down to “Places“.

When I was looking for a photo gallery idea for today’s Friday Photo post(on the sidebar), I happily tripped into the website with surf photography with some delicious photos.

Surf brings up for me first, North shore and the Pipeline in Hawaii. Because as my regulars readers and friends already know, I grew up in Hawaii. I once lived where hearing the daily surf report, seeing surfers and boards  and surf  fashion was everyday fare.

This gallery has 31 photos taken in exotic locals such as South Africa, Sumatra, Indonesia, Tavarua, Fiji or Biarritz, France. Yes folks; Biarritz is on my France “bucket list” for the future. 🙂

This website is a real treat for the eyes. Go back through the “Gallery” sidebar to see vintage surf photos from the 70’s on.

My personal favorites: the Hawaii beaches with the rainbows over them. I miss rainbows…


Happy weekend and see you for the upcoming Weekly photo challenge very soon.

4 thoughts on “A trip through the tube

  1. Barb, I loved the photo link you shared!

    My two favorites were the heart-shaped island and the photo of the two guys surfing in the icy waters. It looks like Alaska!

    I know what you mean about rainbows. When I lived in Florida I saw them a lot (maybe because of the tropical, rainy weather) but here we don’t see them very often. Just a few in the summer after its rained.

    Have a glorious weekend, my friend. Thanks for sharing the stunning photos!

    X to you and D!

  2. Wow. WOW. SERIOUS wow factor to the “waves” portfolio. Absolutely stunning photos. Certainly made me envious of the opportunities he gets day after day. Hey….but I get cows and corn stalks! Bet he’s hard pressed to find those gems! Hahaha….oh I adore rural life. But I could suffer through a week or two of beach time. :-/

    1. Hey Mel,
      These are so awesome, aren’t they?!! LOVE!! I think that happiness is enjoying someone else’s palyground if we are there but also saying ” Hey! I am not too bad off! I have paradise too… 🙂
      You will get back to Cali and have a blanket beach party or two.

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