Weekly photo challenge: Color

To think that D & I came up close to this demonstration in the Paris quarter of Montparnasse.
While I was looking at the environment on the way up (considering where I could find color), destiny gave me this big colorful display while we were going back to the train station.

We knew that something was brewing when we saw the police car waiting on an empty avenue. That often means a demonstration or “Une manif” as we commonly say here.

These were teacher’s demonstrating against the new reforms for the school work week and probably many other matters of concern.

It was a lively and significative display of color in Paris today!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Color

  1. Manifestation …. the first time I ever heard that word was April 2009 …huge manif near the Trocodero when Caroline and I were there , went on all week …. I knew it was one before I read your post .. I have photos of another one, I saw, think it was August 2009.

    Lots and lots of colour ..:-) xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      I am glad that your commenting is normal again.
      You have been exposed to Manifestations so, you have been exposed to the everyday reality of life in France.
      You can’t really know France without knowing them.

      Hugs back to you xox

      1. HI Hun, I might even do a post with the pictures 🙂 … Yes I am glad my commenting is back to normal too xxo

  2. Barb, not only do I love the color in these shots, but I also enjoyed looking at the stunning European architecture in the background. LOVE all those old buildings!

    Hope you’re having a FAB weekend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi there Ronnie,
      I am glad that you enjoyed! This part of town is modern for the only skyscraper within Paris limits( 59 floors high). and also a lot of older buildings.
      The demonstration was like a “happening” for us. We fully appreciated it!!
      I am happy that you enjoyed, hon. A happy Sunday to ya!

    1. Hi Peter,
      Oh Yes; there is style and passion in these demonstrations! The banners are ideed stylized and very graphic. I would agree; the shpae of a baby/child, as these are teachers with tomorrow’s citizens.

      Cheers to ya!

  3. It’s a very colourful demonstration–and well put together, it seems. Gosh…even with balloons and great, colourful graphics. We don’t get many in this bitty town–LOL None at all it would seem. But that’s seemingly reserved for places where you’ll get the ‘air time’.
    I like that your collage turned into separate photos when I clicked. I got to see everything up close and personal. What ARE those green trucks, anyway?

    For such a gray day, the colours certainly popped!

    1. Hey Mel,
      Thank you, my dear 🙂
      Demonstrations are a commonplace sight here in France. Yes, everything well oragnized; people with magaphones directing marchers & cars, banners, ballons, flyers, etc. Any group can march; all you have to do is to DECLARE the demonstration to the Police, that will see that it is orderly.

      The Green trucks? City of Paris sanitation unit. 🙂 Green and clean machines … hehe.

      Hugs to you and cheers! xox

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