Springing back to Rouen

Happy TGIF and Happy weekend!

D & I were ready for change… Time for an easy day trip. It was nice to see you again, Rouen! We have not been there in years(we used to have activities that brought us to Rouen) But we have not been back for the longest time . Despite the mere hour’s trip from Paris.


Wooden homes, flowering trees and tall church towers. I just added a boost effect here to deep the blues & dark tones.
That’s Rouen…

I will be showing you more over the coming days… Not only more photos of Rouen but also the upcoming WordPress weekly photo challenge.

And please, don’t forget the Friday photo link (on the top right hand sidebar), with an excellent CHEAT SHEET for taking photos in manual mode. How do I use a light meter? What are all those “f” numbers about? How does shutter speed work? And more…

Check it out to get a quick breakdown of some basics in a very brief summary.

Happy and fun weekend to all!

P.S. If you are reading Terri, you can share these happy travel photos here ( and upcoming) with Sue. xox


19 thoughts on “Springing back to Rouen

  1. Ohhhhh……nice little teaser about the adventure! LOL And as a lover of old churches and old houses–I’m hooked. And sorely in need of an adventure myself. Unfortunately, it’s generally tied to some task right now–but snatch ’em up while they’re there, I say!
    Maybe I can talk himself into one? LOL Wish me luck with that.
    Oh, but I’m glad for you and D. Having a roam and just taking the day to wander and explore and just BE…is a very good thing.
    AND the camera went, so it’s doubley good.
    Of course I’ll visit the link–I know zilch about the buttons and dials and STUFF on the camera. Yes, I read the book. LOL Yes, I need a cheat sheet tattooed on my body somewhere…..not that it’d make a difference–I wouldn’t bother looking cuz I get excited over ‘stuff’!
    Hopeless, huh? LOLOL
    Have an awesome weekend ma’am!

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Yup, a “mini adventure” lasting a day! You would just go APE over here.
      You will get your share of adventures. You just have to take sure that your body is strong and healed to do it.
      I am also using these little “adventure” interludes to keeping chipping away in manual mode. I make my mistakes but I am out there doing!
      Hoping that you enjoy the link 🙂
      Happy weekend xox

  2. How wonderful for you and D , to get out of Paris on a little day trip .. and only an hour away , how fab. Looking forward to your and D’s photos .. as always, I have absolutely lots and lots .. still need to get the churches sorted LOl big hugs xoxo

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you, my dear. We were looking forward to a first daytrip of the year bur, canceled in March because of cold & snow.
      We are patient folks :).
      So, see you soon for more of Rouen, the new photo challenge and. more.

  3. Okay, when I FINALLY come to visit you and D in France, you have to take me here because it looks so utterly CHARMING, Barb!

    The thing that has always appealed to me about Europe, is that everything is closer to each other, so it’s just a hop, skip, and jump to get to a completely different area.

    Lovely capture, Barb! Love the boost effect!

    And yes, I will be checking your link out just as soon as I finish with my comment here.

    Thanks for sharing, dear!

    Have a glorious week!

    X to you and D!

    P.S. just to let you know, the weather here has suddenly turned back to WINTER, so spring has gone bye-bye temporarily 😦

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      “Okay, when I FINALLY come to visit you and D in France, you have to take me here…”
      Buddy, you have a DEAL! Seriously, we would be honored to spend a day with you here. It is really worth a nice daytrip( or a night at the hotel for some).
      Yes, the distances are quite different in Europe.We are far from the huge North American continent or Australia. Don’t forget the Eurostar that spans the distance between UK and Continental Europe.
      One day, my friend, it will be YOUR turn to experience some of this.

      Have a wonderful weekend and see you very soon.

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      This is indeed very real. The homes are all authentic. Business and homes alike occupy these high dwellings. You would love them, with their chunky beams and fresh smell of wood. Cheers!

  4. Something rang a bell as soon as I saw the city mentioned in the title. Last June we drove up to Bretagne and initially google maps suggested the route that skirts around Paris and up towards Rouen. Husband did not want anything to do with Paris traffic, even on the outskirts, so we took the bottom route to Le Mans, skirted Rennes, and finally reached Le Mont. I have to say that we really loved the old towns in that area. Well worth the long drive over!

    1. I think that a lot people are scared off by Paris’ trafic conditions. You lost those problems and gained a nice scenic rout all the way to the Mont.
      How did you like the park + shuttle at the Mont St Michel? It is rather new and controversial.

  5. We weren’t able to use the shuttle as we had our dogs with us, and the walk over to Le Mont from the parking area was actually pleasant given that early June temps were on the cool side. Our b&B host, however, said that the new parking arrangement is actually ruining business. She claimed that when visitors (without first checking on the updated parking situation) arrive on the scene, they are put off by the parking lot distance to Le Mont and drive off to say…Caen. I don’t know how accurate that statement is, but we didn’t notice anyone in particular driving off in dismay due to the new set-up.

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