Weekly photo challenge: Change

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”. ~Henri Bergson

Our backyard in 2013:


This backyard has seen massive change in the past three years. .

Today, our backyard is a free place for green grass, big trees, lounge chairs, and a few neighborhood cats.

I love the space as it  is now. But, I did not always feel the same. It used to be a “junkyard”. We wanted a change and it took hard work to get it.

We dismantled three shacks, discarded the junk inside each of them and opened the area to air and light.

This was our backyard in 1960 :


That is D( my husband) as a toddler.

There was only one shack in 1960. That particular shack in the photo was the biggest. We hauled out wood, metal, (rusted) tools and other assorted goodies that were saved through the years.

Be grateful for change; it opens your windows and lets you breathe!

P.S. Rouen photos are coming very soon!


14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Change

  1. A wonderful change Barbara, makes you feel free ..:-) I can believe you had ALL that out the back … I would like to make changes here too, … and I will LOL

    Big hugs


    1. Hi Anne,
      What stuns me is how much was hoarded all these years. Incredible… I am so glad to see it gone.
      You can make the changes “chez toi”. Only one secret: bite size portions each time and when you had enough for a day, STOP.
      You can do it- I want to see your b”efore and afters, too!

    1. Hey there babe,
      You saw the “before” and missed the in between part. But, the result is very pleasant.
      Yes, the vibes are happy!
      You too have a great one. xox

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Thank you! The home spaces are indeed smaller than in the States but one gets used to anything with time. I have been through a sort of “claustro” period but that eased up. The way that people take up space in public is also very different around the world and I also had to get used to that also.
      Cheers on a sunny day in France!

  2. Wow. Cute dress he’s got on. LOLOL And oh my goodness….what a ‘collection’ of ‘stuff’ in that back yard–if that’s what it was considered….. Oh, but you know, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’! Just yesterday we took a backroad for a ‘look about’ and I sooooo wanted to stop for a photo or sixty! LOL Farmers hang on to the darnedest things–and it was such a lovely collection of STUFF with the rust and colour. I wouldn’t want it for my ‘back yard’, but ooohhhhhh…..treasures!!! 🙂 I’da snagged some for hanging purposes–he had the most brilliant cogs and tools laying about on rusting tractors.

    We removed a storage shed to find the open space in the back yard for patio sitting–and we got rid of the giant windmill that wasn’t functional. Not a huge yard (I don’t WANNA spend my time mowing and gardening, tyvm!) it’s perfect for the two of us to putz around in and just BE. Bit like your space, it’s ours and manageable. Looks like the two of you have worked hard to claim it as yours–and THAT makes it worth it.
    *laughing* I still say ‘cute dress’…..oh–and nice legs, D!! Hahahaha

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts. This child had a seamstress of a Mom so, it was easy to be snazzy! I guess this ensemble was “unisex” before it’s time!
      D laughed when I told him of your comment!
      D’s parent’s lived through WWII, which after can make you quite frugal. But, to the extreme it was hoarding “just because one day it will come in handy”.
      You are correct “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.
      Well, we made a lot of people happy, I guess, each time we put it out on the sidewalk…
      Have a great week, lady! xox

  3. ““To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”. ~Henri Bergson”

    LOVED that, Barb! As well as your last line…

    “Be grateful for change; it opens your windows and lets you breathe!”

    So true, my friend. Change is the only thing that’s guaranteed in life. So, we might as well embrace it and be grateful for the growth because it’s gonna happen anyway.

    WOW…impressive before and after photos! And I love the one of D. OMG…how cute!

    Have an awesome week, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      It is nice to see you, buddy. How is life?
      I did look at a few quotes including a couple about the nature of change.
      Change is constant…. That we know to be true but we never now HOW it will pop up!
      The change is impressive. People from the neighboehood would go by, stop in their tracks and stare.Especially the older ones.
      D & I worked mighty hard.

      I thought that a before and after photo was fitting for change. A garden makeover!
      Yes, little D was a cutie in his little outfit! Cute attack!!

      Hugs to ya xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness, little D is adorable! What is amazing, and always amazes me about every human, is how much we still look like ourselves when we get older. That photo of little D looks just as he is now! Well, okay, a few years older. But it is clearly the same person!

    What a transformation of the yard. I love this example of the weekly photo challenge! The quotation is wonderful, too.

    Lots of love from Denver,

    1. Hi Karin,
      It’s great to see you! I hope that life has been kind to you lately.
      I think that the basic face shape and features just fill out with the years and it is still obvious to pick out a lot of people as children.

      Just putting up the photo of the garden as it is today is a small victory in itself. I have to start cutting the grass now that Spring is finally here! But, that is a minor point.

      The experiences with clearing out have changed the way forever how I look at posessions and their accumulations. Eeven if these accumulations were NOT of my or D’s doing, we had to deal with them. For sure!!

      Sending you warm and sunshiny vibes from the burbs.xoxo

    1. Hi Amy,
      Welcome to my blog!
      That quote came like an “illumination”. I thought that it was very fitting!
      I am glad that you enjoyed it. 🙂

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