D’s pics- Rouen

Since this is the first time speaking about Rouen on this website, a visual aide may be handy. Voilà:


Rouen is 110 km or 68.35 miles away from Paris.

All paths lead to and from the “gare”/ train station in Rouen via the rue Jeanne D’arc. We were headed downtown and I spied a historical marker plaque. It was a wonderful find:

Just a quick Historical footnote; After a trial for heresy( Joan heard God’s voice who instructed her to lead the French troops into battle against the English), Joan of Arc was burnt on the stake in Rouen by the English in 1431.

The inscription reads:

Here stood Phillip Auguste’s castle tower, later known as the tower of the Virgin, Joan of Arc. She was imprisoned here from 25 December, 1430 to 30 May, 1431, the day of her deliverance”.

You can see how the castle once looked like on the engraving:


D & I were happy and turned around to continue the trip downtown. A woman who was waiting in a car came out and showed us that by pushing the door, we could see an ancient well inside. How kind is that? She showed us in and there up close to to one of the original wells from the château.


A sunken “pit” with a well and some original masonry.


The well. It actually existed at the time of the castle( it has been reconstructed since all these years). These remnants of the castle were discovered in 1908, when this building went up.

Too cool…


A painting that depicts the castle.


Hidden guest in the painting.

We really had some very nice help to discover this. The lady was still in her car when we left; we thanked her again!

Don’t miss the next post- with a shiny and beautiful clock.


12 thoughts on “D’s pics- Rouen

    1. Hi Bij,
      We were very grateful for our experience. It was really a well-kept secret and I shared it with you all!
      The painting was so colorful and rich!

    1. It dosen’t seem to work in the opposite direction, a North American in Europe who misses skyscrapers.
      I do not miss them.
      Though, I would miss stone and wood homes if I were back in Ottawa. 🙂

  1. Barb, what an utterly FASCINATING post about the history of Joan of Arc – WOW! I have always found the story of Joan of Arc so moving because she was one of the great and courageous visionaries who had the courage to follow the voice of God.

    Awesome photos! Love the one the well because you can actually FEEL the history/past within the photo. And the one of the little mouse is so precious.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Really enjoyed this!

    X and thanks to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, dear. Andrew (above) also added a detail. So, there is also room to learn more everyday. I also love the story of Joan of Arc because of the story of faith, belief and courage that Joan displayed.
      I actually touched the stone of the well, imagining all the people at the castle that may have draw it’s water and mingled around the place.

      You are very welcome, my friend.
      xox to you to Philly.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Everyday, we are learning something new. I had no doubt, had neglected some details.I like the theme of famous women, so this should irge me to read on and learn more.
      Thank you, Andrew.

  2. Wow Barbara and Didier ,, you were so lucky that the lady was there and showed you the way ,, to an exciting find 🙂 wonderful when this happens , isn’t it,.. Loving all your photos (both of you) xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      It was very exciting! She was like an angel wanting to do a good deed. Incredible moment!!
      I was surprised that will all the significative importantance of this place, nothing was marked inside.
      I am glad that you are enjoying the photos. More to come! xox

  3. Talk about an amazing discovery….what awesome timing to have the gal there to nudge you and D in the direction of hidden treasures. I wonder how many people miss this gem. WOW…..I can’t imagine getting to touch the history there. And I got chills just thinking of it. LOL I’d be a puddle. I get tearful at the WOW factor in the lives before me and the lives they got to live.
    Amazing shots of an amazing place.
    I adore the mousey fella. LOL

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