The big one- Le gros horloge

Everyone who comes to Rouen goes under  ” Le gros horloge“, literally the big clock. Which is not unusual said in English because it is quite big.

But if you speak French, this name is already an oddity. Why?? The word clock is normally a feminine noun in French.
So, saying “Le gros horloge” is incorrect.

But somehow in Rouen, they broke the rule by naming this clock like this. :). I have no idea why it was done so.

We have never been up the clock tower during our past trips through Rouen. This time, D & I climbed up the clock tower and looked upon Rouen from there. I will show you the next time, as I have to choose and sort the photos.

Below are some  scenes from the outside and inside of that big bling clock :




City scene from behind a clock tower.


Don’t forget the post before this one with D’s pics( featuring a very happy find).  Thanks to the kindness of a stranger.



8 thoughts on “The big one- Le gros horloge

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Everyone who comes to Rouen has to visit this. We have been there several times and always end up here.
      I loved the peppholes. I got to spy on Rouen!

  1. I love the pic from behind the tower, very inventive!

    French are usually picky with grammar, such a strange “mistake”!

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Thank you! These holes were “crying” to be photographed.
      Oh yes, picky about grammar. I suffered through grammar lessons a lot! I am honestly glad that someone broke a grammar rule and it stuck! 🙂

  2. Hahaha… the truck! How nifty was that.
    And the clock……ohmygosh…looks like it has a moving mural at the bottom of it. Wow is it ornate. Easy to see how it got all that attention. It’s gorgeous. And what’s not to love about the old architecture and peepholes?!
    Wonderful photos–and what a cool spot to just have a wander. But boy–looks like a busy place.

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