Weekly photo challenge: Culture

Culture is sometimes a matter of finding one’s seat and sitting back to enjoy…

It can be as easy as sitting in front of  a theater stage, a movie screen or in any space where one is entertained. Other times it happens just by quietly sitting and conversing with a friend or reading a good  book.


This is a “showcase” of a Paris theater.  Click to see closer. By the way, on the right is a figurine with a wire body  and a  spotlight head ! Very creative.

See you Wednesday if you choose to finish our tour of Rouen in style.

Happy day to all!


13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Culture

  1. “on the right is a figurine with a wire body and a spotlight head ! Very creative.”

    HA! Yes, I saw that and LOVED it!

    Great photo, Barb! The colors you captured are awesome! Love how the sunlight cast shadows.

    Looking forward to Wednesday’s post!

    (((((( You ))))))

    X to you and D!

    1. Bonjour Ronnie,
      Hey there my friend. My sincere thanks! It was morning and the sunlight was inside the window. I did warm up the colors by editing but that’s it.
      It is a very amusing window with the “wire man of culture”.
      I am glad if you could get a laugh from your seat!

      Big hugs down to Philly xox

  2. Salut Zhu,
    Excuse our French… C’est du bric a brac, mais du bon!
    Just saying that this window is like a jumble but a very good one! I like it too!!
    Cheers to you and big hugs.

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      You are so right. Sometimes we are spectators (like you on your daughter’s campus) and other times, actors.
      That is life, my friend. 🙂

    1. Hello,
      Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you liked my photo. Thank you!
      BTW, your comment has entered you for a prize drawing to be held this August!
      Good luck and stop by soon and say Hi.

      1. Hi There,
        We will really know in August who the three lucky winners are. So until then, hold that positive thought and good luck to you!
        Thank you for your kind words.

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