A Sunday post

Happy Sunday, my friends.

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

Please join me on Wednesday for the WP weekly photo challenge( it will be coming out late for me this week). In the meanwhile, if you are interested, you can go to check out what other people are posting with the theme “From above”.


Otherwise, I am very happy to share you May’s  destination for D and I – Bourges. This city is located in central France and an easy trip from Paris.


(Wikipedia photo)

This is the Unesco World heritage site, Saint Etienne cathedral .

Bourges is a mere 2 hours from Paris by train.

This city is famous for the cathedral, the city’s most illustrious son, Jacques Coeur, who lived during the Renaissance era. Jacques Coeur  who was a supplier to the royal court in silver and also helped to establish an international business network. This done by setting up  business”counters” ( I imagine like a modern-day franchise) and by also using  commercial fleets for trading.

There are also many of those old wooden houses (like in Rouen) that I now know to be called “half-timbered houses”, but also a very interesting marsh land area with gardens that is close to the center of town.

We will be in Bourges for two days .We leave on the 23 May.

One last note concerning the future prize drawing ( to be held  next August). We have 17 people who commented since I put up the  prize drawing post.  That’s pretty good! We had 13 people in last year’s drawing, so that shows how the readership of this blog has expanded.

If you want to know more about the prize drawing, you can read the following post:


Happy Sunday to all and have a good week.

16 thoughts on “A Sunday post

  1. A happy Sunday to you Barb:)
    Congratulations on your increasing number of readers. It’s been exciting to follow the development of your blog:) I’m looking forward to follow you virtually on the trip to Bourges:)

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Sawadika! It is great to have you from Bangkok.
      Thank you so much. What helped to increase readership was the photo challenge + leaving my link at wp each week. I am meeting some great peeps.

      You are very welcome to join us on the virtual trip.

      Enjoy your day! 🙂

  2. Marshlands, gardens and cathedrals…….ohmygosh…..what wonderful opportunities crammed into two days! You’ll have to take an additional memory card or two.
    Or…maybe that’s just me. LOL I’ve not tried the take ONE yet–but I will! Seriously, it’ll give me a reason to go BACK to places closer to home. As soon as I figure out how to walk AND wear the camera around my neck–I’ll do that. LOL NOTsomuch good at doing that and staying balanced. (I’ve always been a tad ‘off’…LOL)
    What fun for the two of you. We need to do more ‘weekends away’. Used to….but geeze, the cost of things can be a killer nowadays. (lousey excuse to have NONE in the past year, huh?)

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Yes, we are going to have tons of photo ops and some R&R. Oh yes; the extra memory card ( and battery, too!) is always a must!!
      I just know that you will have your chance to break out of your cocoon to do what you want. Once you are all healed and strong, and that is taking ahile; I know, I know. Well… Lets say that before you get to jaunt off yourself, you will be able to do some “you time” for a month. From the bottom of our hearts, we hate to see our hubbies go for any extended time. But it is also quality personal time. We all need that.

  3. Morning Barb!

    LOVED the photo the various cheeses from Italy! And I never thought to dip cheese into honey. I bet that tastes YUMMY!

    Looking forward to Wednesdays photo! Also, your photos from Bourges later this month. From the photo you shared, it looks like an awesome place!

    Congrats on your readership increase. You GO, girl!

    Have a super Sunday!

    X to you and D!

    1. Good morning Ronnie,

      I am glad to see you browsing the WP Weekly page. Isn’t that a wonderful photo? I have seen some incredible work just clicking on the links each week. That is how I met some of the new bloggers here( or they popped in). Thanks for your good wishes. I think that this photo challenge has taken this blog a stop ahead.
      Bourges has a lot of amazing history. We have been there briefly in the past but we did not spend the time we would have needed to enjoy better.
      I love these monthly jaunts!
      Be well and see you on your posts this week.

  4. Brilliant news to read you have a few more readers 🙂 ,, I must try and see more of outside Paris ,, I cannot wait to see your photos of Bourges xoxo

    1. Hi Anne,
      Happy Monday to you. Yes, there has been some growth here. It has been very interesting and I think that the rest of the year will be promising.
      I encourage all visitors to Paris who are doing a repeat trip to get out of the Parisian comfort zone. That is where blogs like mine and books can give ideas.
      Thank you for stopping by, honey. Take care and have a great week. xox

      1. Absolutely agree with you Barbara,,, Yes the Parisian comfort zone can be too comfortable 🙂 your blog certainly does give us food for thought ♥ take care xx

  5. Happy Sunday! Looking forward to the draw 🙂 Yes, I’m like a little girl when it comes to contests and games!

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